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Are these two factors causing your high blood cholesterol?

by , 14 May 2014

One of the main aspects casing high cholesterol is your diet. A western diet to be precise. And this comes from a Westerner's love of fatty foods. The more trans and saturated fat you eat, the higher your risk of elevated blood cholesterol levels becomes.

The problems with your health start when you have too much bad cholesterol, LDL, and not enough of the good, HDL. It means you're at risk of your body dumping these LDLs into your blood stream where they calcify and cause blockages in your major blood vessels.

Watching your weight and what you eat can combat this, but what are the other factors that cause high cholesterol?

Keep reading to find out…

All-natural tree bark manages cholesterol without drugs and strengthens heart-pumping activity 

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Is your activity level behind your high blood cholesterol? 

If your favourite for of exercise is walking between the kitchen and the couch, you’re likely to be at higher risk of suffering from high cholesterol. This because you’re not getting sufficient exercise to keep your HDL high and your LDL low, says health.com.
You need at least 30 minutes of exercise every day to keep your heart in top health and in doing so, keep your bad cholesterol levels at bay.
You don’t even need to do 30 minutes of strenuous exercise! Walking for 30 minutes a day is enough to improve your overall health.
Then there’s the risk of your overall health on your cholesterol levels…

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Skipped your last check-up? You might have high blood cholesterol 

As you head into your late 40s you should go for an annual health check-up. Not only will your doctor be able to check your overall health, he’ll assess your cholesterol and heart disease risk too.
Make sure you know your risk of developing high blood cholesterol and how you can keep it in check. 

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Are these two factors causing your high blood cholesterol?
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