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Allergies or not, dog-walk your way to better heart health!

by , 22 May 2013

When it comes to the topic of pets and health, it's usually the fact that many people are allergic to pet fur that stands out. Now, there's a reason to ignore this and get a pet anyway, especially if you have high blood pressure. That's because the latest research shows that pets - dogs in particular - help reduce your risk of heart disease!

One in five people suffer from allergies, with allergies to the fur and dander of cats and dogs among the most common ones, says FSPHealth.
Dander is the material shed from the body of animals, similar to dandruff – and this often the reason for your pet allergy, more than the lose hair the animals shed, says Wikipedia.
But you don’t have to wonder if you’re allergic to pets or not – if you ARE, you’ll soon know about it thanks to the sneezing, itching and red eyes that follow when you come near one.
But if you’ve used this as an excuse not to get a pet, it’s time to rethink your strategy. 
Because the American Heart Association has issued a scientific statement stating that pet ownership, particularly dog ownership, is associated with a decreased risk of heart disease.
The reason?
Two ways having a pet reduces your risk of heart disease
A study of more than 5,200 adults showed that dog owners are more physically active than non-owners because they walk their pets regularly, and this keeps your heart healthy, says IOLLifestyle
And don’t forget that pets also have a calming effect, which lowers your blood pressure.
Go for a hairless or ‘hypoallergenic’ dog breed if you’re worried about your allergies!
If you’re still worried about your allergies, go for a ‘low allergy’ pet like a hairless cat or a specially bred ‘hypoallergenic’ dog breed like the Yorkshire Terriers, which sheds less fur and dander than other dog breeds, reducing your risk of having an allergic reaction to them, says About.Dogs.
It’s a great way to reduce your stress and get more exercise, which will keep your heart healthier in the long run!

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Allergies or not, dog-walk your way to better heart health!
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