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All you need to improve your heart health is a little TLC…

by , 02 December 2014

The rate of heart disease across the globe is soaring. And sadly, even though you think you live a healthy life, you may have some habits that put your heart health at risk.

If you don't change these habits now, your heart health will deteriorate! And this could lead to a future of serious conditions like heart disease!

But it's easy to improve your heart health if you just know how!

All it takes is some TLC… But not the tender loving care you think! It's Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes that'll do the trick!

That's right! The TLC diet is number two on the list of most effective diets for improving heart health.

And today, we're showing you just how easy it is to incorporate into your lifestyle…

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Make the necessary dietary changes to easily improve your heart health

The Therapeutic Lifestyle Changes (TLC) diet is a low-fat diet. Experts claim it’s able to lower your cholesterol levels by 8% to 10% in just six weeks.
The National Instituted of Health designed the diet with the help of the American Heart Association (AHA). They’re adamant that it’s not a fad diet and that it actually works!
While the medical field is abuzz with the ramblings of how fat doesn’t lead to heart disease, the AHA says there’s still evidence to suggest saturated fat, especially that coming from animals, leads to high cholesterol.
And if you have high cholesterol, you’re at risk of heart disease.
This because any damage to the walls of your arteries means you’ll have cholesterol plaque build up at those sites because your body uses it to “repair” the sites. The more build up there is, the harder your arteries become and the less they can respond to changes in blood pressure.
When your body can’t handle changes in pressure, it puts your heart under immense strain. And allowing this strain to carry on regardless is a huge risk of heart disease.
But cutting back on saturated fat, like you do when following the TLC diet, your risk goes down.
Here are the major principles involved in the TLC diet…
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Get your heart health back in line by following the TLC diet

If your primary goal for following the TLC diet isn’t to lose weight, then you can eat around 2,500 calories as a man and 1,800 every day as a woman.
If you do need to lose weight, drop your daily calorie intake to 1,600 and 1,200 respectively.
Next, you need to focus on the amount of saturated fat you eat. While you don’t have to cut it out of your diet completely, don’t let your total intake of saturated fat go above 7% of your daily calorie intake.
This means eating less butter, fatty meat and other full fat dairy products.
But don’t worry, you won’t go hungry!
You’ll be filling up on lots of vegetables, fish and lean, skinless chicken.
And there’s even something more you can do to lower your cholesterol if it hasn’t dropped as much as it should have in six weeks.

Add fibre to your diet to lower your cholesterol levels naturally

Adding soluble fibre to your diet can help lower your cholesterol levels even further. Especially if they didn’t respond well to the diet in the first place.
Your body doesn’t digest soluble fibre well and this means it can help mop up extra cholesterol sludge in your gut.
Experts say the diet has no real health risks either, because it focuses on healthy eating to change your cholesterol levels instead of taking potentially dangerous medications like statins.
So, before your doctor tells you that you need to start taking medication to lower your cholesterol to improve your heart health, ask him about the TLC diet first!
After all, changing your lifestyle is a better and more natural way of improving your health, than taking medication is. 

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All you need to improve your heart health is a little TLC…
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