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Add these four foods to your shopping list to naturally lower your cholesterol

by , 03 July 2014

There are four awesome groups of food that you can use to improve your health.

Combining them doesn't only mean you have a lot of great meal ideas, it means you'll have a variety of foods to add to your diet. Healthy foods that can improve your health.

If you have these four food groups in your kitchen, you can lower your cholesterol levels completely naturally while enjoying wholesome foods at the same time.

Take a look at the foods you should stock up on for better heart health…

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If you want to lower your cholesterol levels, change your diet

#1. Soya: Soya products contain protein and heartuk.org.uk says adding as little as 15g to your diet a day can lower your cholesterol by 6%. You’ll get a good dose of soya from soya milk and yoghurt, but edemame beans are also a great, natural source!
#2. Nuts: Ahandful of nuts every day can lower your cholesterol by 5%. This because the healthy fat content in nuts increases the good cholesterol in your body, which had the ability to remove the bad.
#3. Oats: This low-GI grain is great for busting bad cholesterol. The soluble fibre in oats is an essential part of your cholesterol busting diet.
#4. Fruit and veg: These contain plant sterols, which help your gut decrease the absorption of the bad cholesterol you get from foods you eat. But it might not be enough to just have a small amount of fruit and veg every day, so pick up yoghurt and other products that manufacturers fortify with sterols.
There you have it! Doesn’t it seem a lot simpler to lower your cholesterol levels now that you have the tools?

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Add these four foods to your shopping list to naturally lower your cholesterol
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