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Add these four anti-inflammatory foods to your meals to prevent heart problems

by , 05 June 2014

If you, like many of us, live and work in a bustling city, you've probably got some stress in your life. Whether it's getting the kids to school on time every morning, sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic to and from work, chasing deadlines for your job, stress is a pretty normal thing for you.

But while you think stress keeps you motivated, it may not be doing the same for the inner workings of your body.

This because stress causes your body to release hormones. And these hormones stimulate inflammatory processes. And slowly, but surely, these processes chip away at your health.

And it's your heart health that suffers the most!

You won't even know it until one day, BOOM, you suddenly have heart problems. Something you never expected.

But you can keep inflammatory processed from destroying your health simply by making the right choices in your diet.

Here's what you should eat to keep heart problems at bay.

Your heart and arteries need
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Eat these foods high in antioxidants to keep your heart problem-free

1.      Olive oil: Boston cardiologist, Christopher Cannon, says olive oil lowers your blood pressure and can help you to lose weight too. Eat it instead of other oils, drizzle it over your salad and use it as a dip for bread.
2.      Rooibos tea: It’s rich in antioxidants and helps keep inflammation at bay. It protects the cells in your body from damaging free radicals caused by stress. Drink Rooibos instead of regular tea and add a spoon of honey to boost its natural healing ability.
3.      Tempeh: Pronounced temp-ay, this fermented soy product is rich in isoflavones, an anti-inflammatory compound. You can use it instead of a mince dish, put it in soups or stews.
You can easily add these three foods to your diet to naturally lower your inflammation and help you prevent developing heart problems because of the “normal” stresses in your life.

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Add these four anti-inflammatory foods to your meals to prevent heart problems
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