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40% of men with high blood pressure suffer from erectile dysfunction

by , 19 February 2014

According to Dr Craig Weber, writing for high blood pressure.com says that while it's interesting to note that 40% of men with high blood pressure suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), there's an even more shocking statistic! A whopping 80% of men receiving treatment for ED have high blood pressure diagnosed only after they're on treatment for their ED! Here's what you need to know…

Did you even know that your high blood pressure has a direct effect on your ability to get an erection? And if you don’t treat your high blood pressure, your sex life will surely suffer. But the good news is, that you’re able to treat your high blood pressure and still enjoy an active sex life.
So what about your high blood pressure is causing you to lose control of your erections?
It’s simple really!
It’s because of the way your arteries behave when your blood pressure is constantly high. Without treatment, your arteries harden in compensation to your high blood pressure. And as you know, it’s the sudden rush of blood flow to your penis that helps you to get it up!
Now, with hardened arteries, the blood flow to your penis isn’t what it should be, and that’s why you’re unable to get an erection. 
But there’s a solution to erectile dysfunction is you suffer from high blood pressure
It’s treatable! 
Your best bet at being able to maintain a healthy sex life is to have your blood pressure checked regularly. You need to have it checked every year from the age of 40, and if it’s high, seek treatment immediately. 
There are ways you can naturally keep your blood pressure under control like following the D.A.S.H diet and doing regular exercise!
Keep your heart happy and healthy and in turn have a healthy sex life, free of erectile dysfunction

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40% of men with high blood pressure suffer from erectile dysfunction
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