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14 million people a year die from noncommunicable diseases, says the WHO

by , 19 June 2014

There's a growing risk of people under the age of 70 dying from noncommunicable disease (NCD), says the World Health Organisation.

In fact, these NCDs claim more that 14 million people a year.

So what is a NCD?

It's a disease that isn't infectious and it isn't transferrable between people. Things like cancer, lung problems, diabetes and serious heart problems are NCDs.

And what's most scary about NCDs is that they're, for the most part, preventable.

You're able to make changes to your lifestyle and diet that can protect you from these fatal diseases!

Today, you'll discover the best ways to prevent heart problems and protect yourself from one of the leading causes of death across the world.

Make the right life choices and ensure that heart problems aren’t a part of your future

You’ve probably heard it a million times before and, you’re likely to hear it a million times more: You need to change your diet and include exercise into your lifestyle to ward off heart problems.
So why then do so many people still suffer the same health fate and die from serious heart problems?
Perhaps it’s too complicated… And if that’s true, we’ll break it down into simple and easy to follow steps:
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Follow these four steps to keep your future heart problem-free

Step 1: Eat breakfast. Choose between healthy protein like eggs, or whole-grains cereals like oats.
Step 2: Have a heart healthy lunch. Instead of going to the burger joint, pack a whole-grain sandwich with slices of lean chicken and veggies. Add a dash of mayo and lemon juice for extra flavour. If one sandwich isn’t enough, have half a can of baked beans and an apple on the side.
Step 3: Don’t drop the ball at dinner. Eat fatty fish, vegetables and rice or potatoes at dinnertime. Eat lots of fibrous vegetable that’ll keep you full and satisfied.
Step 4: Walk it off. There’s no excuse for not being able to get at least 30 minutes of exercise five times a week. Walk the dogs, go for a stroll or play with the kids in the garden.
Can you really afford to let your health deteriorate when it’s so easy to prevent heart problems with these four easy steps?
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14 million people a year die from noncommunicable diseases, says the WHO
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