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10 things you never thought could cause heart disease, but actually do

by , 21 October 2014

While you're making an effort to eat healthy foods, get more exercise and generally live a healthier life to protect yourself from heart disease, there may be some sneaky factors leaving you with a soaring risk that you didn't even know about.

From eating too many healthy foods, to exercising too much, cleaning your home and earning below what you think you're worth, your entire life is putting you at risk of heart disease.

That's why we've found ten of the most common risk factors of heart disease you may never have known about and, more importantly, explored them to find out how to prevent them from leaving you in a poor state of health

Here they are…

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Ten common factors that increase your heart disease risk without you even knowing about it

#1. You earn less than you think you should.
#2. You smoke.
#3. You suffer from depression.
#4. You have migraines.
#5. You’re heading towards menopause.
#6. You’re carrying a couple of extra kilos…
#7. You keep your house clean.
#8. You get too much exercise.
#9. You sleep less than you should.
#10. You eat too many of the wrong types of healthy food.
That’s right! You may never have realised these affect your heart health, but luckily, now that you do, you can change your fate!
Here’s how…
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Change your health and live past the average life expectancy

Just by making these five changes to your health, you can dramatically improve your health and lower your heart disease risk!
Start making changes to your lifestyle today to keep your heart health in check!

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10 things you never thought could cause heart disease, but actually do
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