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10 spoons of olive oil a day may sound extreme but your heart will thank you for it!

by , 04 September 2014

One of the most important foods in the Mediterranean diet is olive oil. But not just any olive oil, only the best quality: Extra virgin olive oil (EVOO).

But many people skimp on this part of the Mediterranean diet, thinking they'll gain weight if they have too much. Or they think experts are fibbing when they say it contains a good fat and it won't lead to higher cholesterol levels.

This is far from the truth!

A study shows that even a very high intake of extra virgin olive oil like ten teaspoons or 50g won't make you gain weight or raise your cholesterol levels.

And that means you can take full advantage of its heart health benefits in your diet!

Eat more extra virgin olive oil to boost your overall heart health

Properties in EVOO literally help keep heart disease at bay by ensuring your artery walls remain healthy.
An essential function of your arteries is to regulate blood flow. This plays am important part in your blood pressure and, should there be a problem - like when they become stiff or blocked - your body can't regulate your blood pressure. This puts extreme pressure on your heart.
If you don't sort this problem out, it'll lead to heart disease and there's no going back from that!
And that's why EVOO should be an essential part of your diet
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Olive oil contains heart health essential polyphenols

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine showed the results of a five year-long study on the Mediterranean diet. Researchers divided participant into groups and gave each one an important component of the diet to add to their regular diet.
The group that added EVVO to their diet had the most impressive results. Their risk of heart disease and heart attack was reduced 30%!
The other groups showed a 28% or lower decline in diabetes risk.
Not only does it taste delicious with many of your favourit foods, olive oil is GREAT for your heart health. So add it you your diet to reap the same benefits. 

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10 spoons of olive oil a day may sound extreme but your heart will thank you for it!
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