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Your risk of chronic neck pain is higher if you take part in this one daily activity

by , 16 January 2015

If you find your neck is constantly stiff and sore, it's probably not just another sign you're getting older.

And it's probably not because you tweaked it while exercising, or because you slept funny, or even because of the way you sit at your desk.

Your chronic neck pain is because of something far simpler. Something you do every day. And you do it without even thinking twice about it.

And when you find out what it is, you'll kick yourself for allowing it to be the reason you're living with chronic pain…


You’re living with chronic neck pain because you’re always looking down

Think about the one activity you do that requires you to look down at your hands while you extend your neck in an unusual position.
No, it’s not eating, or (men) going to the toilet!
Its texting and surfing!
That’s right. 
The amount of time you spend looking down at your phone during the day is the reason you’re living with chronic neck pain
Don’t be!
Not only are doctors seeing more patients with neck pain due to extended internet browsing and texting than any other cause, but researchers think the stats are on the increase.
In a study by researchers in Ontario, Canada, they found that the most common site of pain in mobile phone users was the base of the right thumb followed closely by shoulder and neck pain.
And the significance of pain shared a close link to the time the user spent looking down at their phone.
Doctors and chiropractors say it’s because of the unnatural positions you contort yourself into when using your phone. 
And it’s nothing to laugh about! It can leave you with something far worse than just living with chronic pain. It can lead to arthritis in the neck and shoulders too.
So what’s the solution that doesn’t involve ditching your phone?
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If you suffer from lumbar pains, sciatica, migraines, rheumatism, unexplained tiredness, headaches, back pains, neck pains, digestion problems, sexual impotence or arthritis, you need not to suffer a day longer. 

Exercise and stretching is the best solution to ease chronic pain associated with using your phone

Keeping your body strong means you’re also better able to correct your posture. 
And maintaining and thinking about your posture when you’re using your phone is one of the most important things you can do to prevent chronic pain in your neck and shoulders.
Yoga and other stretching exercises can help relieve tension and help you avoid stiffness in your neck. 
Another great tool available to use is your voice notes. Not only does it allow you to send a message to anyone in your contacts at the click of a button, it saves you the hassle of having to type out a long message by hand. 
Whatever it is you prefer to do, make sure you think about the position of your neck and shoulders when you use your phone. Just maintaining a better posture and adjusting while using your phone can mean the difference between relief and living with chronic neck pain. 
PS) If you already suffer from chronic pain, here’s a simple device for natural and safe relief…

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Your risk of chronic neck pain is higher if you take part in this one daily activity
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