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Your doctor uses cranberry juice to treat chronic bladder infections, so why shouldn't you?

by , 09 June 2014

There's been much debate about cranberry juice and health. Especially whether it's really effective against treating and preventing chronic bladder infections.

Well, the verdict is out!

Researchers at the National Taiwan University went through all the research, looking at 13 previous studies and came up with these results:

· 38% of people who drink cranberry juice have a lower risk getting bladder infections.
· 47% of women who already have chronic bladder infections experienced them less when drinking the juice.

That's because there's a compound in the cranberries that attack the bacteria in your urinary system and thereby lower the instance of bladder infections.

So what else is there to convince you that cranberries are the way forward when it comes to treating chronic bladder infections the natural way?

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Get the most out of cranberries to lower your risk of suffering from chronic bladder infections

There are two secrets to cranberries that you’ll need to know when it comes to the natural treatment of chronic bladder infections.
1.      Fresh juice is better than the cranberry extract you get from tablets.
So instead of taking a tablet, buy delicious cranberry juice! “This benefit of juice might come from the additive or synergistic effect of unknown substances in the juice, which are devoid in capsules and tablets,” Dr Lee, lead on the study, says. Just be sure to buy the unsweetened type as you don’t want to increase your sugar intake.
2.      Drink cranberry juice as often as you like
The more cranberry juice you drink, the better it is for you. Dr Lee explains that they couldn’t determine the exact dose that you should drink. But they found that those who drank cranberry juice more than twice a day had a lowered risk of chronic bladder infections.
Bottom line: Drink cranberry juice to keep your urinary tract healthy and bacteria free!
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Your doctor uses cranberry juice to treat chronic bladder infections, so why shouldn't you?
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