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Why you shouldn't eat grapefruit if you're on the pill...

by , 25 November 2019
Why you shouldn't eat grapefruit if you're on the pill...
You've heard of drug side-effects, and you've probably heard of drugs interacting with each other if you take them together - with potentially fatal consequences.

But did you know some drugs interact with certain foods? Find out here why you shouldn't eat grapefruit if you take the contraceptive pill - and three other interactions that will shock you!

4 Food-drug interactions that will shock you! 

1. Grapefruit and the contraceptive pill

Birth control pills contain synthetic forms of the female hormones oestrogen and progestin. These hormones in the birth control pills interrupt a woman’s natural cycle to prevent pregnancy. 

Chemicals in grapefruit interfere with an enzyme made in the intestines called CYP3A4, which affects how your body breaks down or absorbs certain drugs. In this case, the grapefruit or grapefruit juice decreases the breakdown of oestrogen in the body. This increases the amount of the hormone in your system. This could potentially increase the risk of side effects like blood clots and breast cancer

2. Blood pressure medication and liquorice

Liquorice can interact with blood pressure medication or any calcium channel blockers, causing your blood pressure to rise suddenly.

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4. Milk and laxatives

Milk doesn’t mix well with laxatives containing bisacodyl (Correctol and Dulcolax). If you do mix the two you might find the laxative works a little “too well” in the morning.

5. Garlic and diabetes drugs

Garlic capsules, when combined with diabetes medication could cause a dangerous decrease in your blood sugar levels.

Always know exactly what you're taking, research interactions and be aware of side effects.

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Why you shouldn't eat grapefruit if you're on the pill...
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