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Why you should tuck your wife into bed early tonight and not even suggest sex!

by , 29 November 2019
Why you should tuck your wife into bed early tonight and not even suggest sex!
A recent study shows how women, who get enough sleep, are more willing to engage in sex, AND experience greater arousal!

So, give her the night off and you could be pleasantly surprised in the morning!

Don’t bug your wife for sex tonight, let her sleep on it…

Researchers at the University of Michigan Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory discovered that with every additional hour your wife sleeps at night, her sex drive shoots up 14%.

Her heightened libido means she’ll be more likely to engage in sex the following day, says lead author of the study David Kalmbach.

But, there's more good news...

During the 14-day study, it wasn’t only their sex drive that improved, they also experienced heightened arousal.

That's right, their pleasure from stimulation increased, making sexual experiences more enjoyable.

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Your partner will appreciate you giving her a night off to rest and relax.

She won’t feel the stress of you suggesting intercourse when she’s already tired, which will keep her from her precious sleep, and make her even more tired in the morning.

She’ll feel more appreciation towards you for being considerate when you tuck her in bed with no strings attached.

So run her a bubble bath, give her a foot rub and tuck her into bed without any hint of sexual desire tonight!

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Why you should tuck your wife into bed early tonight and not even suggest sex!
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