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Why you should spend some time outside during lockdown!

by , 21 April 2020
Why you should spend some time outside during lockdown!
Have you been cooped up inside for weeks?

This could affect your body's ability to fight off viruses!

Keep reading below to find out why vitamin D is essential to your health - especially during flu season (and boy, this couldn't be more relevant right now)...

Plus find out what you can do if you live in an apartment and can't sit outside reading a book, or sipping a cup of tea for 20 minutes per day to get your share of vitamin D...

Study after study proves vitamin D is effective in fighting colds and flu

In a recent Japanese randomised, placebo controlled, double blind (also known as ‘gold standard’ in science) study, schoolchildren given 1,200IU per day of vitamin D3 had a staggering 58% lower risk of flu than children given a placebo.

The children who got the vitamin D were also three times less likely to catch a cold. Even more significantly, the incidence of the flu was nearly 75% lower among the children in the D3 group who had the lowest vitamin D levels at the outset of the study.

Children with asthma in the vitamin D3 group also had significantly fewer asthma attacks compared with the placebo group.

In another study, researchers compared blood test results to respiratory tract infections in more than 18,000 people. They found that a low level of vitamin D was significantly linked to a higher risk of upper respiratory tract infection (URTI).

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Yet another study, this time in Finland, used blood tests to measure vitamin D levels in 800 men serving on a military base.

After following the men for six months during flu season, researchers found that participants with the lowest vitamin D levels were far more likely to suffer acute respiratory infection.

And, researchers from Harvard Medical School and Children’s Hospital in Boston, determined vitamin D’s cold-preventing abilities by examining data collected from nearly 19,000 people over the course of six years.

All of the participants underwent physical exams, answered nutritional and health surveys and had their levels of vitamin D measured.

The researchers found that the participants with low levels of vitamin D (less than 10 nanograms per milliliter of blood), were almost 40% more likely to catch a cold or other respiratory infection compared to the people with higher levels of the nutrient (30 nanograms/milliliter or more).

How to get your share of vitamin D if you live in an apartment and can't get out during lockdown...

The easiest way to benefit from vitamin D is to get 20 minutes of direct sunlight on your skin every day - without sunscreen. During summer, go out before 10am or after 3pm so you don't burn. 

If you can't get outside, you can still benefit from vitamin D - by taking a vitamin D3 supplement... 1000IU to 2000IU is sufficient per day. Also take a magnesium supplement daily.

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Why you should spend some time outside during lockdown!
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