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Why you might experience painful bloating after eating carbs

by , 14 November 2017
Why you might experience painful bloating after eating carbs
Tucking into a big bowl of pasta feels amazing - but the painful bloating afterward? Not so much!

There are a number of reasons you might experience bloating after eating carbohydrates - in some cases it's as simple as making a too-rapid change to your diet, while in others it may signal an underlying medical condition.

Read on for some not-so-serious reasons why your stomach may be swelling after indulging in your favourite carbs.

Excess fibre can lead to painful bloating (ouch!)

If you recently increased the amount of carbs in your diet, you may experience painful bloating due to excess fibre intake. Foods rich in carbs, such as whole grains, vegetables, beans and fruits, are all high in dietary fibre.
Dietary fibre adds bulk to your stool instead of getting broken down into energy. While some dietary fibre in your diet is healthy because it helps stool pass through your digestive tract, increasing your fibre consumption too quickly can wreak havoc on your digestive system and cause problems like bloating, gas and diarrhoea.
If you think you’re experiencing painful bloating because you’ve upped your fibre intake too fast, simply try scaling back your portions of fibre-rich foods like berries and beans and increase your intake gradually by a few grams per day. This will ensure that your system has time to adjust comfortably.


What if your digestive issues like bloating, cramps and gas aren’t IBS?

When you see a doctor about your digestive issues like gas, bloating and gut pain, you may be diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). 

But what if your symptoms aren’t being caused by IBS

Find out why following a treatment for IBS may not be doing you any good and what tests you need to ask your doctor for to get real answers. 

Find out here...


Carbs that contain gluten may make you bloat

Most of your favourite carbs – think pasta, white bread and baked goods – contain gluten, a protein linked to painful bloating. While gluten isn’t necessarily bad, some people can’t digest it properly, or have an intolerance to it. These people experience a bloated gut after eating gluten-containing foods.
If you think gluten is your reason for bloating after eating carbs, you may also experience diarrhoea, stomach pain or feel forgettable or irritable. While digestive symptoms of eating gluten may not seem serious, conditions like celiac disease – an inflammatory condition triggered by gluten – can damage your small intestine.
The best way to determine why you’re experiencing painful bloating after eating carbs is to talk to your doctor, seeing as the belly-bulging conditions associated with carbs need professional testing, diagnosis and treatment. 

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Why you might experience painful bloating after eating carbs
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