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Why correcting your posture is so important for your eyesight!

by , 22 June 2020
Why correcting your posture is so important for your eyesight!
When your vision is starting to blur and you need to get prescription glasses to see properly, the last thing you think about is your posture...

But actually, it's quite important. Find out why below...

The link between your posture and your ability to see well...
Correct posture plays a vital role in facilitating the flow of blood to and from the head, brain and visual system. In fact, as much as one third of all the blood that goes to the head nourishes the visual system.

So how do you imptove your posture?

When sitting always have all or at least some portion of your pelvis (buttocks) all the way back in your seat so that it is making contact with the back of the chair. If there is a problem with your feet reaching the floor and you cannot adjust the chair height, use a firm pillow to fill in the gap between your buttocks and the chair back.

Avoid letting your pelvis slide forward (slouching) or dropping your mid-back against the chair back. With your pelvis in contact with the chair back, it’s okay to lean your trunk (from the waist up) forward and away from it – as long as your spine and trunk do not sag or slouch.

Last, your arms must not be used to hold the trunk and body upright. They may rest on a desk, the arms of a chair or be used to hold down papers, etc., but from the waist up your body should maintain itself in an upright position under its own power (again without slouching).
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When standing...

When standing upright let your body weight distribute itself equally forward, backward and to the right and left sides around your spine. Think of a column of children’s building blocks. If any block is placed too far forward, backward or to either side, the column will become unstable and topple. Keeping your weight evenly distributed at all levels avoids creating any toppling, tilting or tipping stresses (or strains) on your spine and the rest of your skeletal system.
Lying down...

When lying on your back or side use pillow support for your head and neck. Tuck some of the pillow under the back or side of your neck to support the normally forward curve of your cervical spine, (which gravity would otherwise cause to straighten as you recline).

Roll or tuck the lower third or quarter of the pillow under the back or side of your neck (depending on whether you are lying on your back or side). The rest of the pillow can lie under your head.

Use these tips to work on your posture to improve your eyesight - plus, your brain will function better too!

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Why correcting your posture is so important for your eyesight!
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