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What your tongue is telling you about your health!

by , 12 August 2019
What your tongue is telling you about your health!
Did you know your tongue is like a crystal ball when it comes to your health?

Take a look at your tongue and compare it to the descriptions below and it could reveal a lot of insight that could help you improve your health when you take action.

Why your tongue is one of the best predictors of your health...
The tongue is directly connected to the stomach and digestive tract so any deficiencies and imbalances will show up in the tongue. And we all know that if there are problems in your digestive system, it affects the rest of the body. 

So, let's do a little exercise right now. Grab your handbag mirror, or stand in front of the bathroom mirror, and take a good look at your tongue.

A healthy tongue is smooth, pink, and with no cracks or fissures.

If your tongue looks like this, it's a very good sign - your health is good nick!

Keep looking after your health, you're doing a great job.

Remember to check your children's tongues too. 

Red, beefy tongue: If you have a red, beefy tongue like the pic on the right, it could mean you have a vitamin deficiency.

Take care to balance your vitamin B, folic acid, zinc, selenium and iron levels.  

You will need to check with your doctor whether you have an absorption problem. This is common in older people who experience heartburn frequently.

Your gut bacteria could be out of balance too, which results in malabsorption.

Fissured, cracked tongue: If you have a geographic tongue similar to the one in the image on the right, you could have food sensitivities or a leaky gut. This can lead to Hashimoto's, or thyroid disease.

Eliminate wheat and dairy from your diet for three weeks, and then introduce one of them at a time, one week apart. Any reaction confirms that you are indeed sensitive to that allergen and should remove it from your diet entirely.

If neither of these cause a reaction, it could be another offender, generally a food you love or crave daily. 

Also be sure to get your thyroid hormone levels tested and adjusted if necessary. 

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Enlarged, scalloped tongue: If your tongue is swollen and presses against your teeth to form indentations on the side, it could be a sign of toxins. 

Increase your intake of water to flush out toxins, take a good quality antioxidant supplement and add berries, kidney beans, pecans, green,  leafy vegetables and orange veggies to your diet. 

Coated tongue: A white coating on the tongue means a yeast overgrowth - Candida.

Cut out all refined carbohydrates from your diet and take a good quality probiotic and prebiotic. 

Use these tips to help you restore your health to good shape - by 'listening' to what your body is trying to tell you...

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What your tongue is telling you about your health!
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