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What does it take to thrive?

by , 01 July 2021
What does it take to thrive?
I've started looking forward to Wednesdays, the day we get to read Reinhard Korb's wise and helpful tips to achieve a happier and more fulfilled life...

He's a certified Neuro, Meta, Stress, Wellness and Fitness & Nutrition Coach...

And, today, he's going to take us a step further on a journey to thriving in life...

"Who wouldn't want to experience life like this?"

Hi, Reinhard here...

So last time I explained my view on what it means to thrive. To recap I believe to thrive is to:
  • Live a life of optimal physical and mental health
  • Feeling optimistic, youthful, hopeful, confident and energised. 
  • Looking good and feeling young regardless of your chronological age.
  • Having a robust immune system. Being resilient, equipped to handle the physical and emotional challenges and stressors that come your way. 
  • Having the mobility to physically do what you want without pain
  • Living an intentional life with meaning and purpose and always having something to aim for.  
  • Exceeding your potential lifespan and healthspan: prolonging your vitality, not merely extending your life but adding on more active, healthy and happy years.
Who wouldn’t want this? 

I mean who wouldn’t want to experience a life like this? 

I mean who wouldn’t want to experience a life like this? 

Do you? 

A life like this will enable you to reach your relationship dreams, your financial or career goals and fulfill your potential in all areas of life.

It will also enable you to enjoy these things in your old age.

After all your health is the one thing you cannot recover once you’ve lost it. 

Your greatest wealth is your health 

This brings me to what Steve Jobs said on his deathbed: 

“At this moment, lying on the sick bed and recalling my whole life, I realise that all the recognition and wealth that I took so much pride in, have paled and become meaningless in the face of impending death…In the darkness, I look at the green lights from the life supporting machines and hear the humming mechanical sounds, I can feel the breath of God of death drawing closer… Material things lost can be found. But there is one thing that can never be found when it is lost – "Life"…

When a person goes into the operating room, he will realise that there is one book that he has yet to finish reading – "Book of Healthy Life"…Whichever stage in life we are at right now, with time, we will face the day when the curtain comes down.”  

Jobs mentions that material things can always be found or bought, but your health and your life cannot. He ads that wealth and recognition means almost nothing…

These are startling words coming from this genius and icon of our times. The reality is that we have one life and if we neglect our health, we WILL regret it one day. 

I know, life happens and there are many obstacles between you and your goals of achieving health, vitality and longevity. These obstacles are external as well as internal.

External obstacles are things like time, circumstances, lack of resources, the environment etc.

Internal obstacles are things like confusion, procrastination, excuses, low motivation, limiting beliefs and toxic frames of mind that keep bad habits in place. 

I can help you and show you ways to remove these obstacles. How to bring these to your awareness and give you strategies on how to effectively deal with them. These tips and ideas will be delivered to you via this e-letter in the coming months. 

As your environment changes and you change, you need to upgrade your: 

1.    Hardware (actions, habits and behaviours) and 
2.    Software (thinking, beliefs and frames of mind).

You already have some hardware and software in place, but I want to show you how to upgrade what you have, to give you the results you want to experience. If you upgrade your software, it will give better commands to your hardware and you will get better results. You will thrive.  

I believe this includes the knowledge, understanding and implementation of what your body and mind needs. A change in lifestyle, an upgrade.

The purpose with these articles are to share with you the biological and psychological requirements to thrive. So stay tuned and keep reading these e-letters. 

To get you thinking in the right direction, and make it actionable, I want you to think about the important areas of life are and how you are doing in each area… 

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Here are the 9 categories you need to address to thrive...  

Give yourself a score out of 10 for each category. In terms of where you are and then also a score for where you want to be. 

Be honest as this will help you identify where you need to improve… 

1. Lifestyle 

This really is what you do daily. Your actual routine, habits of eating, work, play, hobbies, social interaction and sleep. Are your lifestyle habits optimal?  

2. Mindset

This is the beliefs, attitudes, frames of mind you have towards a healthy life. Is your mindset empowering? Does it move you to move in the right direction? Are you motivated, goal directed and intentional with where you are going? 

3. Stress 

This is not only the amount of stress you experience, but more importantly how you respond to chronic stress. Do you have strategies in place, mental and physical that is helping you to respond in a healthy way? 
4. Nutrition

Do you know what nutrition plan is optimal for you? Do you understand what your macro and micro nutrient requirements are for your lifeystyle, age, goals etc.? But what’s even more important than knowing what is right for you, are you following that plan? 

5. Exercise

Presuming that you know the need and importance of exercise, have you incorporated some form of stength and or endurance training in your life? Or do you have a sport that stimulates your body? Have you made it habit and are you sticking to it? 

6. Epigenetics 

Do you realise and acknowledge just how younique you are? That there is no one on this planet with you genetic code… Your lifestyle, behavior, mindset and environment interacts with your DNA which effects your immune function, performance, health & fitness, susceptibility to disease and the rate at which you age. Do you know what ingredients are optimal for your genetic code? 

7. Meaning
Meaning and purpose is what gives you satisfaction and fulfillment in life. This in turn strengthens your immune system. There are a few ways to incorporate this. Have you actively incorporated sufficient meaning and purpose in the different areas of your life? This will protect you from a myriad of mental and physical diseases, ageing and ultimately death. 

8. Disease 

There are naturally many causes of disease. However we know that lifestyle and environment is a major contributor to many diseases. Did you know that cardiovascular disease (heart attacks, strokes etc), neurodegenerative disease (Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Motor-neuron disease etc) and cancer all start with chronic inflammation in the body. Again genetic factors are very important. Are you doing what you can to understand what you may be pre-disposed to? And have you taken steps to reduce your chances of contracting any of these? 

9. Ageing 

The risk of the above mentioned disease and many others all increase significantly with age. If you take steps towards addressing the causes of ageing, you can collectively delay negative consequences that come with it like the onset of disease. It is much easier to work at delaying ageing than it is to treat individual disease. Do you have a geroprotective (anti-ageing) strategy in place?  

How did you do on your scores? Out of 10 how are you faring? Be honest. 

Do you have the knowledge, tools and strategies in place to effectively deal with these 9 categories? Or do you need some help? If you need help, stay tuned… 

Over the next few months in this e-letter, I will touch on each of these topics, give you the breakdown of what you need to know in each area and discuss the tools, tips and levers you can pull in order to maximise the time (and the quality of that time) you have left on this planet. 

Looking forward to delve deeper and share with you what I believe to be the blueprint to a thriving life next week. 

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What does it take to thrive?
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