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What could be behind your stomach ulcer...

by , 24 June 2022
What could be behind your stomach ulcer...
If you've been experiencing stomach pain, burning, indigestion and nausea, and suspect a stomach ulcer - there could be something more sinister behind it than just your love for spicy food...

This bacteria could be eating away at your stomach lining...

80% of all stomach ulcers are as a result of an H. Pylori infecion.

Heliobacter pylori is a type of bacteria that attacks the lining of the stomach and small intestine, causing raw, inflamed and painsful sores.

And while antacids may provide temporary relief by reducing stomach acid, they won't solve the underlying problem.

Worse, long time use of antacids has been linked to cancer.

It's important that you get your doctor to do a test to check for H. Pylori which need antibiotic treatment...

Your doctor must test you again after the antibiotics course to check whether the infection has been eliminated, because the ulcers are also a risk factor for cancer.

Keep reading to find out which natural nutrients could help...

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Natural ways to help fight stomach ulcers...

Probiotics: A study showed that in some people, a quality probiotic with eight strains eliminated the H. Pylori infection.  

Green tea: Sip on this soothing tea which has been shown to prevent the growth of the H. Pylori bacteria.

Garlic and ginger: Add these ingredients to your food every day - they're powerful anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory nutrients.

Use these strategies to bring lasting relief.

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What could be behind your stomach ulcer...
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