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Weak sex drive? Then quit drinking, smoking and slouching!

by , 05 February 2018
Weak sex drive? Then quit drinking, smoking and slouching!
Do you suffer from a weak sex drive? Then we bet you're willing to try anything - aphrodisiacs, pills, possibly even surgery - to get your libido back up there.

While pharmaceuticals can help bedroom woes such as a weak sex drive, the inability to keep an erection or the inability to orgasm, they only offer a temporary solution. Healthy habits, on the other hand, can permanently improve sexual functioning in both men and women.

To optimise your sex drive and maintain desire and sex performance, there are three bad habits in particular that you need to avoid. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Three bad health habits that contribute to a weak sex drive

#1: You drink excessively
It may sound ironic, but while alcohol is the gateway for socialising for some people (and lower inhibitions) it can impair their sexual performance. Although a little alcohol and there – think a glass of wine with dinner a few times a week – can be great for your sexual desire, excessive drinking contributes to a weak sex drive. The effect of binge drinking is especially negative for a man’s sexual performance, as alcohol inhibits erections as they’re slower to rise and quicker to form.

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#2: You smoke cigarettes
You’re aware that lighting up a cigarette every day can take a toll on your lungs and up your risk of various cancers, but did you know it’s also bad for your sex life? That’s because smoking can lead to the narrowing of your arteries and, as a result, obstruct the blood flow to the penis. The worst part is that the damage smoking does to your blood vessels and the impact is can have on your sex drive can be permanent!
#3: You have a bad posture
If you’re guilty of spending an average of nine hours or more hovering over screens, such as computers, smartphones or televisions, you aren’t only jeopardising your spine, but also your sex drive. Don’t believe it? A study recently published in the journal Health Psychology found that a bad posture can lead to shallow breathing, which depletes energy levels and exacerbates feelings of stress, ultimately taking a toll on your libido.
There you have it – three bad habits that may be behind your weak sex drive.

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Weak sex drive? Then quit drinking, smoking and slouching!
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