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Warning: Jumbo viruses discovered! Here's how to boost your immune system so you don't fall prey to them

by , 22 July 2013

Science has discovered a type of virus so big, it could be mistaken for a cell! This shows viruses are getting bigger and meaner. They're always evolving and learning to dodge pharmaceutical treatments like antibiotics. Luckily, you can boost your body's natural defenses to form an impenetrable wall of immunity that not even the biggest viruses can crash through! Here's how…

Live Science reports that scientists found two viruses so huge, they actually blur the lines between a virus and a cell. That’s terrible news if you’re the first to get sick when a new bug goes around!

Here’s how to improve your immunity so the new supersized bugs don’t take you down…

Eat a wide variety of whole foods for better immunity

The Harvard Medical School states that micronutrient malnutrition is a huge cause of weakened immunity, especially in older people.

Eating a wide variety of healthy and whole foods will ensure you’ve always got the vitamins and trace minerals your body needs to build a strong immune system.

To boost your immune system, a little sushi goes a long way…

The Immunity Report states that Japanese seaweed contains fucoidans, a type of nutritional molecule proven to boost the immune system as well as fight off cancers. These molecules actually stop viruses from reproducing in the body, halting infections in their tracks.

Scientists believe that a diet rich in fucoidans is the Japanese secret to long and healthy lives. In fact, Japanese people eat 4g to 6g of fucoidan-rich seaweed a day and have a huge population of healthy seniors. Westerners get almost no seaweed in their diets, so suffer far more from frequent infections which lead to a shorter life. And that means there’s even more reason to indulge your sushi cravings from time to time. 

Bottom line: If you want to boost your immune system, eat a huge variety of healthy foods and don’t forget the Japanese seaweed! That way, you can jumbo-size your immune system to fight off the newest viruses.

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Warning: Jumbo viruses discovered! Here's how to boost your immune system so you don't fall prey to them
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