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Warning: Control your diabetes or you could lose your hearing

by , 14 October 2014

You may not think there's a link between hearing loss and the fact you have diabetes, but researchers have recently found there's a close association between the two.

In fact, experts say hearing loss is as common in people with diabetes as it is in those without it. But what's scary is even if you're prediabetic - meaning your blood sugar isn't under control and your body may not be able to use sugar as it should in the near future - your risk of developing hearing loss is a whopping 30% higher than if your blood sugar is under complete control.

But, what is it about your body's inability to use sugar that's leaving you at risk of hearing loss?

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Your blood sugar has a significant effect on your ability to hear

Researchers are still trying to find out what the link between diabetes and hearing loss is, but they have a few theories.
In the same way high blood sugar affects the tiny blood vessels in your eyes causing blindness and in your kidneys leading to kidney failure, so it affects the vessels in your ears, says the American Diabetes Association.
The National Institutes of Health agrees. Their researchers performed studies on people who died due to complications of diabetes. They found those with high blood sugar levels had severe blood vessel and nerve damage in their ears. This suggests that the sugar floating around in your blood can be the reason you go deaf.
Another study, done by scientists in Japan, found that people with diabetes are twice as likely to suffer from hearing loss as people without the disease.
That means if you want to keep your ears healthy, it’s essential you control your blood sugar.
Here are three tips to help you do just that…
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Control your diabetes or suffer the consequences!

Tip #1: Stay away from sugary foods that wreck havoc on your blood sugar
The reason your blood sugar is in a state is because of your love of sugar.
Sadly, there’s no other way for you to break the hold uncontrolled diabetes has on your health other than to stop eating sugary foods.
Yes, it’s easier said than done – and the fact that sugar is addictive makes it even harder – but the great thing about your body is you’re able to break any habit.
That’s right!
Take it one day at a time and change something about your diet and the amount of sugar you eat until you’re no longer dependent on sweetness.
Instead of eating a sugary treat that’ll send your blood sugar levels soaring, eat a piece of fruit with a low glycaemic index.
Cherries, peaches, plums and apples are all low GI fruit that provide sweetness but don’t send your blood sugar soaring. Eat them with yoghurt or sugar-free peanut butter for a delicious, healthy snack.
Tip #2: Stay away from sweeteners
Not only are artificial sweeteners under the spotlight for leaving you craving more sugary foods, they might even cause diabetes!
It might seem like a simple solution to have no-calorie sweeteners in your tea and coffee, but they’re not helping your sugar addiction. Some of the most popular brands are much sweeter than sugar and that means you’re not really dealing with the problem.
Slowly decrease your overall intake of sweet foods to break your sugar addiction.
Tip #3: Exercise!
Get regular exercise – even if it’s just walking 30 minutes a day. It’s an essential part of maintaining your blood sugar levels.
And it’s a great way to protect your hearing too, says the Harvard Nurses Health Study.
Start an exercise programme to get your body in shape, your blood sugar under control and your hearing in check.
Don’t let your addiction to sugar rob you of more aspects of your health than it already has! Control your blood sugar to ensure hearing loss isn’t part of your future.

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Warning: Control your diabetes or you could lose your hearing
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