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Want long, lush hair? Try these four Ayurvedic tricks!

by , 14 October 2016
Want long, lush hair? Try these four Ayurvedic tricks!
Most of the hair care products on the market today focus on treating your length and ends. What makes Ayurvedic hair remedies different is that they focus on promoting root and scalp health to make sure your hair grows strong and healthy.

If you've been on the hunt for tricks to get a long, lush head of hair, try the following five Ayurvedic solutions at home. The results are sure to be unbelievable! (And, no, they don't involve argan oil…)

Four Ayurvedic remedies for healthy hair

#1: Moringa oil
Moringa oil is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that feed your hair. It also helps prevent hair loss when you apply it directly to your scalp because it stimulates blood flow to the area. What’s more, thanks to its high antioxidant content it can prevent free radical damage. You should massage moringa oil into your scalp once a week.
#2: Foods rich in vitamin A, B and E
When it comes to shiny, luscious locks, the secret lies within. Therefore, proper nutrition is key! One Ayurvedic solution for locking shine into your hair is drinking vitamin A-rich carrot juice, which also promotes hair strength and growth. Other foods that provide nourishment for your strands include kale, squash, sweet potatoes, almonds and plant oils. If you don’t think you’re getting enough of these hair-healthy vitamins in your diet, consider a multivitamin supplement.

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#3: Hibiscus extract
A well-loved Indian favourite, hibiscus extract is an excellent choice to boost your hair health thanks to its rich content of vitamins, alpha hydroxy acids and amino acids, all of which are properties that stimulate hair growth and prevent hair loss. Hibiscus flowers are ready to pick in most gardens, so you can make your own extract at home by simply crushing a few flowers and mixing them with a carrier oil. To use, evenly distribute the extract throughout your hair before shampooing.
#4: Indian gooseberry oil
Indian gooseberry oil, also known as amla, is very popular hair care remedy used not only in India, but also throughout the world. A rich fruit that’s normally extracted into an essential oil, it’s wonderfully cleansing to the scalp, which gives makes it fabulous for hair growth and preventing greying. For best results, apply Indian gooseberry oil to your roots as an overnight treatment. Allow your hair to sit in a towel overnight and then rinse out the oil the next morning.
Do you have any other natural and effective hair growth remedies to recommend?

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Want long, lush hair? Try these four Ayurvedic tricks!
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