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Understanding your pain might be the key to finding permanent relief

by , 24 March 2015

Living with chronic pain affects your whole life.

You're unable to do the things you love, and it even makes doing normal daily tasks difficult.

But Neil Pearson, a physical therapist, might have the answer to finding pain relief.

Read on to discover his “treatment” methods for dealing with everyday pain…

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Pearson asks his patients to describe their chronic pain

Ask yourself, “What is love?”
You can’t explain it, can you?
That’s exactly what Pearson says about pain… He asks his patients to answer him and say, “Pain is…”
He always sees the same reaction. That there aren’t many words to describe how you feel about pain.
And that might be why you find it difficult to overcome.
Pearson reckons you might need to understand pain before you can get anywhere with treating it and finding relief.
In fact, he says its part of the treatment.
Take the effects pain has on your body for example.
When you’re in pain, you feel stressed, anxious, your muscles tense and the pain gets worse.
But you only realise this after you start becoming stressed and anxious.
So, the key is to figure out how to stop this process before it even begins.
And it starts with connecting the mind with the body.
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Chronic pain is a mind-body experience and understanding that can bring about relief

Whether your pain is from an illness or injury, you usually connect it with a specific time of your life.
You might think your arthritis is because of your age, for example. Or the pain in your leg is because it broke.
Both have negative connotations and can make the pain worse.
There is a way to get over it though.
And that’s through yoga.
This type of exercise incorporates strengthening and stretching of both the mind and body.
Both Neil Pearson and Dr Kelly McGonigal are huge fans of yoga for chronic pain sufferers. And they see it working in their patients every day.
So, if you need relief for your chronic pain, speak to your doctor or physio about taking part in yoga for healing of both your body and mind.

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Understanding your pain might be the key to finding permanent relief
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