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Two remedies that help ease digestive distress - no matter how much inflammatory food you overindulge in

by , 26 December 2016
Two remedies that help ease digestive distress - no matter how much inflammatory food you overindulge in
There's no getting away from it - over the holiday season, food is aplenty. This can quickly let your healthy eating habits run wild and take a toll on your immune system and digestive health.

Of course everyone wants to indulge in some of their favourite, not-so-healthy foods over the festive season, so it would be unreasonable to recommend avoiding them completely. Instead, you should find a balance. There's truth in the saying, “moderation is key!”

By trying the following two remedies, you'll be able to prepare your immune system and your gut for when you next eat inflammatory foods such as dairy, gluten or high-sugar foods or happen to overindulge...

Two remedies to relieve symptoms of gut problems

#1: Apple cider vinegar
As you age, your stomach starts producing lower levels of stomach acid. By taking raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar with your first mouthful of food, you’ll give your stomach some extra acid to help it break down your food more efficiently.
What’s more, apple cider vinegar will stimulate the closing of your lower oesophageal sphincter, the valve between your oesophagus and stomach, which can help prevent acid reflux by preventing your stomach acid from back-flowing into your oesophagus.
You’ll find apple cider vinegar at your local pharmacy or health food store. To learn more about this remedy’s other remarkable health benefits, go here.

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Finally, a real solution to balance the deficiencies of our modern food supply
The typical multivitamins you find in your supermarket are a careless concoction of randomnutrients that have little to do with the problems in your environment and food supply. 
But I’ve discovered a formula that gives you back everything you’re missing from your modern diet. A formula designed to replace what you’re not getting from the food at your local grocery store. 
#2: Probiotic supplement
By now, you probably already know how beneficial probiotics are to your gut health. They’re the beneficial or “friendly” bacteria that act as the first defenders in your immune system and gut. These bacteria also assist your body in breaking food that you eat down into small particles to you can utilise the nutrients and avoid digestive distress.
Another plus to taking a daily probiotic supplement? It’ll help protect your body from harmful viruses, bacteria and fungi by revving up your immune system. It’s recommended that you take a probiotic on a full stomach after finishing a meal.
Pick up a daily probiotic supplement at your local pharmacy and follow the dosage instructions carefully.
PS: Go here for the secret ingredients for detoxifying and purifying your body on the inside every day at breakfast!

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Two remedies that help ease digestive distress - no matter how much inflammatory food you overindulge in
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