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Turn on this youth elixir in your blood!

by , 12 April 2019
Turn on this youth elixir in your blood!
There's a hormone in your body the primary function of which is to make you strong and good-looking.

It's no joke!

It's called growth hormone. And, despite its simple name, human growth hormone (GH) does a lot more than stimulate growth. It causes tissue to grow and stored energy (fat) to be burnt off.

The problem is, that as we age, our bodies make less and less of this youth chemical!

When you were a child, growth hormone stimulated your skeletal growth. In your teens and early 20s, it reduced stored fat and increased muscle and tissue mass. But, when you hit your mid-20s, growth hormone production started to slow… and it continues to slow thereafter.

But you can still tap into it… and turn your body into a youth machine designed to tone you down a few kilos, get more energy and feel healthier. Keep reading to find out more...

How to stimulate growth hormone production - no matter your age... 

Here’s a simple, safe strategy for stepping up your body’s growth hormone production:

• Take the dietary amino acid arginine. It has been shown to act on the hypothalamus, which produces a growth-hormone-releasing hormone (GHRH).

• Eat more cereal grains, nuts, and seeds. Although these foods contain less arginine than meat, potatoes, and milk, they also contain less of the amino acids that compete with arginine to cross the brain-blood barrier where they can act on the hypothalamus.

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• Supplement your diet with potassium. Researchers have discovered a correlation between a reduction in growth hormone and the reduction of dietary potassium. 

• Snack often… as long as you are snacking on low-sugar, healthy foods! This will keep your blood-sugar stable. Maintaining stable blood-sugar levels keeps your pancreas from producing excess insulin. When there’s too much insulin in your blood, your body reacts by producing a chemical called somatostatin. Somatostatin suppresses insulin release… but it also suppresses GH release! This is also a good reason to avoid sugary sweets.

• Avoid eating at least two hours before you begin exercising. To make the best of the small exercise-induced release of GH, your blood sugar must be stable.

• Make sure you don’t eat within two hours of sleep: In adults, the largest daily secretion of GH begins about an hour after the onset of deep sleep.

Keep reading...

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A word of warning
The sports market provided much of the motivation for early research and experimentation with growth hormone. Anabolic steroids have been abused for years by people interested in body building to enhance their athletic performance.  But the effects of overuse of artificial substances have often been tragic.

Another GH stimulant, synthetic human growth hormone, has been available since the 80s. It has been linked to heart disease, and some forms can actually cause antibodies that combat growth hormone. 

Opt for natural solutions that work with your body to make it better and healthier.

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Turn on this youth elixir in your blood!
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