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Try these three herbs for a natural prostate cleanse

by , 13 September 2017
Try these three herbs for a natural prostate cleanse
A natural prostate cleanse is a good preventative measure to ensure the health of this organ and avoid prostatitis, the most common prostate problem indicated by enlargement of the gland.

Because your prostate is such a sensitive part of your body, you'll want to avoid using chemical-based cleaners and opt for natural remedies instead. There are several herbs used in alternative medicine that are believed to be beneficial in prostate cleansing.

These affordable, readily available herbs will keep your gland healthy, jump-start your overall well-being and even avoid more complicated medical conditions such as prostate cancer. Check them out…

Three herbs for a natural prostate cleanse

#1: Red clover
Red clover is used all around the world for the numerous health benefits it provides. One of the standout benefits is that it cleanses the blood and liver. Another is that it improves prostate health.

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#2: Uva ursi
Uva ursi is a well-known diuretic. It’s used to cleanse the urinary tract and dissolve sediments that wouldn’t normally dissolve. What’s more, the Indians and Chinese have been using this herb for more 1,000 years to enhance colon health.
#3: Saw palmetto
Saw palmetto is a top remedy for prostate inflammation and enlargement. It works by easing the hormonal stimulation of the prostate gland. Furthermore, saw palmetto helps treat enuresis, which is the inability to control urination and painful ejaculation.

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Tip: When doing your cleanse, be careful of consuming too much calcium through your diet as high calcium levels are linked to prostate problems. Cut back on or even eliminate all calcium-rich foods, such as milk and yoghurt. You should also cut back on or eliminate red meat, which contains trans-fat acids that are bad for your prostate.
Make sure you consult your doctor before trying one of these four herbs for a natural prostate cleanse.

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Try these three herbs for a natural prostate cleanse
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