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Tired of how bad the symptoms of menopause make you feel? Here's a solution you've probably never come across

by , 13 April 2015

Menopause may be a natural progression in life, but it's certainly NO fun to go through.

From vaginal dryness, hair loss, constipation and mood swings to those annoying hot flashes your mom always complained about, it can make being a woman feel like a LOT of effort.

Now studies are unveiling a new way to keep your symptoms at bay.

It's a remarkable oil that's making medical headlines daily for its ability to obliterate cancer, joint pain, diabetes and heart disease.

And it could be the best way to stop menopause ruining the next ten to 15 years of your life.

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Powerful body-boosting, health enhancing, natural remedies to help you through Menopause... Without a sweat
You'd think you'd never have sex, get a good night's sleep or fit into your skinny jeans again, if you believe all the stories you hear about menopause
In reality, this stage of your life doesn't mean the end of anything... 

It may seem controversial, but hemp seed oil is a great natural menopause symptom reliever 

Although a relative of the highly controversial marijuana plant, hemp seed oil is fast becoming the “wonder treatment” of our age. 
Now, studies are showing that this non-hallucinogenic oil can put the brakes on a whole host of the symptoms that occur during menopause
And there are three very good reasons why:

#1: Hemp seed oil is a natural anti-inflammatory

Since inflammation is the root cause of many of menopause symptoms – including hot flashes, headaches, hair and skin dryness and nail strength – tackling what causes them can help you restore your health in no time. 

#2: Hemp seed oil is a natural source of GLA

During menopause, your body’s ability to convert LA to GLA (a plant based form of omega-6) is lessened. But if you want to fight those nasty menopause symptoms, GLA is a must. This because it’s the precursor of protective and calming prostaglandin (PGE1), which helps regulate hormonal balance and support optimal menopausal health.

#3: Hemp seed oil contains the perfect ratio of Omega 3 fatty acids

When you don’t have enough Omega 3, you’re likely to suffer from inflammation. And, as I revealed in point #1, inflammation causes a whole host of symptoms. 
And that’s not all. Omegas also help improve memory and brain function as well as aid with the absorption of calcium and vitamin D to keep your bones strong and osteoporosis free. 
So before you opt for a round of dangerous HRT to keep the symptoms of menopause under control, why not investigate the health benefits of hemp oil further? You’ll be surprised just how much better you feel once you start taking it. 

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Tired of how bad the symptoms of menopause make you feel? Here's a solution you've probably never come across
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