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Tired, moody and losing hair? Read this now...

by , 18 September 2019
Tired, moody and losing hair? Read this now...
You may be trying to eat healthy and look after yourself, and if you are, you're likely to be including foods from all food groups into your diet.

The thing is, thanks to the high cost of living these days, you're probably doing a better job at getting enough carbs and fats than you are at getting enough protein.

If you're not getting enough of the right type of protein, it could be why you're not sleeping well, your hair is falling out, you're irritable and tired, you get sick often, and you crave sugar of all things!

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Why protein is so important...

Protein helps your body grow and repair itself. It’s made up of amino acids, which besides being the buildng blocks of protein, also play an important role in the production of hormones and neurotansmitters in the brain.   

Starting to see how a protein deficiency could be linked to your hair loss, moodiness, fatigue and weakened immune sustem?

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But how much protein do you really need?

The US Centres for Disease Control (CDC) recommends 45-55 grams of protein per day to prevent deficiency. But, you don't just want to prevent deficiency, you want to be healthy. And, especially if you're eating more than 225-335 grams of carbohydrates per day, your protein intake should be higher to maintain a balanced diet. 

You may be worried that you'll put on weight with this approach - but science shows us it's actually the opposite... 

In one study, women who increased their protein intake from 15% to 30% of calories actually ate 441 fewer calories each day, without restricting their diet. That's because protein fills you up more. 

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How to tell if you could be affected by Adrenal Fatigue

•    You feel tired or weak
•    You need coffee to get going in the mornings…
•    Your daily tasks feel like hard work… 
•    You feel like you’re not coping (it’s all too much)…
•    You struggle to concentrate and don’t finish tasks…
•    You feel irritable, anxious or depressed
•    Get headaches
•    Reduced interest in sex…

Feeling run down and drained all the time doesn’t have to be your normal state-of-being. 

Unfortunately, it is for millions of people – all over the world – who just can’t seem to keep up anymore.

And there’s a very good explanation for this…

Researchers at numerous institutions, including Harvard University, Johns Hopkins and Stanford University identified that certain chemicals flick the ‘age switch’ on in people over 50, forcing them to slow down.

These chemicals gradually build up in your bloodstream over time as you age.

Until one day the switch finally flicks causing your metabolism to drag along at snail’s pace, dropping your oxygen levels and dipping your hormones until they’re practically undetectable.  

But it doesn't have to be that way!
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Why else is more protein a good idea?

Protein has been shown to:

* Help with weight loss
* Increase muscle mass and strength
* Helps prevent osteoporosis
* Lowers blood pressure
* Helps your body repair itself after injury
* Keeps your mind sharp

The best type of protein comes from grass-fed and organic farming. They don't have all the fertilizers, pesticides and drugs that come with mass farming methods. Unfortunately, this comes at a higher cost too.

But since you don't have to eat bulk amounts of protein, quality may supersede quantity. And if you do eat mass-farmed meat, then possibly look for organic sources of other proteins.

Other protein-rich foods consist of:
* eggs
* fish
* dairy products
* seeds and nuts
* beans and legumes
* soy

Increase your protein intake to improve your mood and health if you're not getting enough of this essential food group.

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Tired, moody and losing hair? Read this now...
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