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Three ways to beat the metabolic effects of coffee - from adrenal exhaustion to increased heart rate

by , 06 January 2017
Three ways to beat the metabolic effects of coffee - from adrenal exhaustion to increased heart rate
I'll admit it - I'm the type of person who simply can't start my day without a strong, aromatic cup of coffee. But as much as I love my morning cup of joe, I'm aware of the health dangers associated with drinking coffee...

You see, coffee has a number of metabolic effects on your body that just isn't good for you. It's dehydrating, stimulates your nervous system, increases your heart rate, causes your blood pressure to elevate, exhausts your adrenals, reduces your stomach acid and can cause chronic fatigue.

But you don't have to give up coffee to avoid these health hazards - you simply have to start being smarter about consuming it. Read on for my best tips to beat the metabolic effects of coffee for healthier consumption.

Three tips for healthier coffee consumption

#1: Drink a mug of warm water with lemon before your first cup of coffee
I know, I know – as soon as you open your eyes in the morning, the first thing you want to do is grab your mug and pour yourself a strong cup of coffee. But you should first hydrate your body by drinking down a mug of warm water and sliced lemon. This simple detoxifying drink won’t only hydrate your system – it’ll also flush toxins out of your GI tract that your body has been working to get rid of while you’ve been asleep, as well as wake up your digestive system.

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#2: Always choose organic coffee over processed types
When you’re rushing to get to the office in the morning, you probably don’t think twice about where you get your morning fix from – but you should. Many coffee shops use processed, instant coffee, which is acidic to your body and bad for your health. Therefore, you should only choose coffee that’s organic, which you’ll find at most local coffee vendors. By doing this, you’ll also be supporting small businesses.
#3: The healthiest way to drink your coffee is without all those added extras
Sure – extras like whipped cream and sugary syrups can be delicious in a cup of coffee, but at the end of the day they only deplete what coffee really is. Any true coffee enthusiast would agree with me when I say it isn’t real coffee with all of these unhealthy added extras! If you take your health seriously, enjoy your coffee plain Americano style.
By following these three simple tips, you’ll be able to enjoy your coffee while being easier on your system.

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Three ways to beat the metabolic effects of coffee - from adrenal exhaustion to increased heart rate
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