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Three unusual causes of hair loss (you won't believe number two!)

by , 03 October 2017
Three unusual causes of hair loss (you won't believe number two!)
It's the weekend and you've decided that you're going to pamper yourself with an at-home spa session. You start off by indulging in a long, hot bath.

While you're in there, you decide that pampering your hair and scalp isn't a bad idea, so you begin massaging your scalp. It's all so soothing until you notice something alarming...

There's something that looks like a small piece of net on your bathroom floor! You pick it up and realise that it isn't net - it's your hair! What was supposed to be relaxing quickly turns into nothing short of horrifying.

There's no need to be horrified though. Truth is, there are many unusual causes of hair loss. Read on for three of them...

Three causes of hair loss that might startle you

#1: Smoking and drinking
You already know that smoking and drinking are bad for your brain, heart, lungs, liver and pancreas. Guess what? Your hair bears the brunt of these bad habits too. So, the next time you feel like a drink, a glass of water is what you should be grabbing!
#2: Weather
Change in weather doesn’t just affect your skin – it also plays a role in how good or bad your hair is. One study that looked at 800 healthy women spanning over a period of six years found helped them understand that change in weather made them lose maximum hair in autumn. Some of them also saw a lot of hair fall in summer.
The reason behind it is simple: Your hair grows a lot during summer, therefore it falls a lot as well. Furthermore, weather changes trigger an adjustment phase in your body, which can throw off your hair cycle.


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#3: Sudden trauma
When you experience a sudden trauma like a car accident or surgery, you might experience hair loss. This happens due to what’s called alopecia areata – sudden hair loss that starts with small bald patches. It could also lead to an autoimmune reaction in which your white blood cells attack your hair bulb.
Interesting fact: Heartbreak is also a form of trauma that can cause your hair to break and fall!
Did these three unusual causes of hair loss surprise you?

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Three unusual causes of hair loss (you won't believe number two!)
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