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Three surprisingly effective male aphrodisiacs that are only a supermarket away...

by , 03 July 2017
Three surprisingly effective male aphrodisiacs that are only a supermarket away...
Forget the chocolate, red wine, oysters and other so-called sex drive enhancers - the most passionate male aphrodisiacs are only a supermarket away! And, no, we aren't talking about specialty items you'll only find in the international aisle, like Muira Puama, Spanish Fly, crab smoothies or turtle eggs...

The male aphrodisiacs we're talking about are common foods that you probably already have in your fridge. If you don't, it's time to hit up the grocery store, because you're going to love what these surprisingly sexy ingredients can do for your sex life! Here they are...

Three male aphrodisiacs you probably already have in your fridge

Male aphrodisiac #1: Tomatoes
The tomato, which many food experts prefer to call “the apple of love”, is a fantastic male aphrodisiac for two main reasons. For starters, tomatoes are known to boost sex performance by calming pre-sex nerves and improving muscle control. Furthermore, the sensation of eating a fresh, crisp, juicy tomato is sexy all on its own! 

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Male aphrodisiac #2: Avocados
Now that you’ve got your muscles functioning for the action and pleasure that lies ahead, it’s time to prepare for the main course by adding a side of avocado. This fruit (yup, it’s a fruit!) has a super-sensuous texture, making it ideal for rubbing it on your skin – and its function is no different. Avocados are chock-full of vitamin E, which boosts the state of arousal and intensity of orgasm. This green goddess has you covered from start to finish!
Male aphrodisiac #3: Cornstarch
The last item on the list of male aphrodisiacs isn’t something you eat – instead, it’s something you feel that you can share with your lover. Rubbing sprinkles of cool, tingly cornstarch onto your bare skin mimics the feeling of liquid silk. Use a pastry brush to spread the powder elixir all over your and your partner’s body, followed by a full-body massage using cornstarch instead of body oil. It won’t be long until you’re up to some other pleasures!
These surprising male aphrodisiacs are sure to heat up your love life!

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Three surprisingly effective male aphrodisiacs that are only a supermarket away...
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