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Three remedies that can really treat motion sickness

by , 12 August 2015

I've been travelling a lot lately, and I'll admit: I suffer from motion sickness!

Trains, planes, cars - you name it - they all make me feel super queasy!

But I've found three remedies for motion sickness that actually work. Let me tell you more…

Three remedies to help treat your motion sickness

#1: Ginger
Research backs up that ginger really works. One study discovered that people who took ginger supplements before being subjected to spinning were less nauseated than a control group.
It might be a bit less reliable than meds, but if you want a herbal solution to your motion sickness misery, I suggest this! Try a 1,000 mg supplement about an hour before your trip.
#2: Benadryl
This antihistamine works by blocking some of the signals in your brain that induce dizziness and nausea.

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Finally, a real solution to balance the deficiencies of our modern food supply
The typical multivitamins you find in your supermarket are a careless concoction of randomnutrients that have little to do with the problems in your environment and food supply. 
But I’ve discovered a formula that gives you back everything you’re missing from your modern diet. A formula designed to replace what you’re not getting from the food at your local grocery store. 
The downside is it can cause you to feel drowsy, but it’s very helpful if you’re prone to nausea. Take the recommended dose half an hour before traveling.
#3: Prescription patches
You wear these patches behind your ear. They release a steady dose of a drug called scopolamine over three days.
The patch can interfere with other meds, so be careful. They’re really great for if you’re going on a road trip or a cruise that spans a few days. Apply the patch four hours before you leave.

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Three remedies that can really treat motion sickness
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