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Three inexpensive remedies that can seriously improve your health and digestion

by , 11 January 2018
Three inexpensive remedies that can seriously improve your health and digestion
You've read all about how high-fibre foods and yoghurt and great for your health and digestion, but it doesn't seem like regular doses of roughage and probiotics are solving your digestive problems.

Not to worry - we know of a few simple and affordable remedies that offer some extra help in the health and digestion department. Read on for three of them.

Have these three health and digestion remedies on hand at all times!

#1: Fresh ginger
This one may not surprise you, but fresh ginger really is an excellent remedy for digestive woes. You’ll probably find this interesting: Your GI tract uses a pumping motion called peristalsis to move your food through your gut, and when that rhythm is out of whack, you can end up with digestive problems like nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation. Ginger is rich in two compounds – gingerol and shagaol – that help digest your food smoothly, which keeps peristalsis steady. Use fresh ginger to make a digestive tea or add it to a smoothie.

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#2: Fennel seeds
Fun fact? Some cultures traditionally snack on fennel seeds after a big meal to stimulate digestion. These seeds pack volatile oils that can help soothe a number of health and digestion issues, ranging from gassiness, to bloating, to cramping. Toast fennel seeds in a skillet until fragrant and get nibbling! One teaspoon or so should be enough to do the trick.
#3: Apple cider vinegar
Your stomach uses hydrochloric acid to break food down into tiny molecules so that your small intestine can absorb the nutrients. When your acid levels are too high, your body can’t digest food properly. Apple cider vinegar has been shown to support healthy stomach acids levels, which promotes good health and digestion. Take a shooter using one tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar mixed with 30 ml of room temperature water first thing in the morning or after a heavy meal to settle your stomach and stimulate those digestive juices.
All three of these remedies for health and digestion are available online at health food stores.

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Three inexpensive remedies that can seriously improve your health and digestion
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