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Three fun facts about gastrointestinal bloating that will burst your air bubble

by , 18 October 2017
Three fun facts about gastrointestinal bloating that will burst your air bubble
Gastrointestinal bloating is sometimes all it takes to make you ask yourself, “Am I picking up weight? Or was it just that soft drink I just drank?” We've all been there before.

Well here's a fun fact: According to Steven Naymagon, an assistant professor of clinical medicine at the Mount Sinai Medical Center in the United States, there's a common misconception that a little bit of bloat is an abnormal phenomenon. That's right - a puffy midsection doesn't necessarily mean you have to cut out carbs or hit the gym - it simply means your body is doing its thing.

If you found this fact surprising, read on for three more interesting truths about gastrointestinal bloating that will blow your mind - or should we say, burst your air bubble!

Three things you didn’t know about gastrointestinal bloating

#1: Vegetables are one of the biggest culprits of gastrointestinal bloating
When you think of gastrointestinal bloating culprits, the first things that come to mind are fizzy drinks, alcoholic beverages and dairy products. A healthy salad is the last thing that comes to mind. Despite your best effort to nourish yourself, it’s true – your favourite vegetables can lead to a belly bulge!
The biggest culprits are cruciferous vegetables, such as broccoli, cauliflower and Brussels sprouts. That’s because your body doesn’t produce the enzyme it needs to break down a particular carbohydrate in these vegetables. Plus, these vegetables are high in fibre, which draws fluid into your intestines. The result? Gas and bloating!


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#2: Sipping any liquid through a straw can cause gastrointestinal bloating
You already know that sipping soft drinks will cause you to swallow excess air, leading to gastrointestinal bloating. While bubbly drinks bring the most air into your stomach, they aren’t the only ones. It doesn’t matter what liquid you’re drinking – if you’re sipping it through a straw, it can cause cause air to get trapped in your stomach, colon and small bowel. To avoid gas and bloating, skip drinking through straws and avoid carbonated drinks altogether.
#3: Hot water with lemon slices is a top remedy for gastrointestinal bloating
There’s a good reason why all your favourite celebrities swear by drinking piping hot water with lemon slices every morning for a flat tummy. According to experts, hot water with lemon acts as a mil diuretic. In the long run, this daily habit will keep your metabolism humming and your digestion moving right on schedule – two key aspects to looking and feeling slim.
Which of these facts about gastrointestinal bloating did you find most interesting?

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Three fun facts about gastrointestinal bloating that will burst your air bubble
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