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Three foods that promote heart health and are also great for your liver!

by , 17 June 2014

Your liver plays such an important function in your body and if you don't take care of it you'll soon notice a decline in your health.

One of the biggest functions of your liver is to process fats. Either converting them so your body can use them for energy or making it available for storage.

But if you have liver problems and you keep eating fatty foods, you're going to feel pretty lousy and ill.

Luckily, there's a trick to keeping your liver health in shape. And it's by adding the right foods to your diet.

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Get a double punch for your health by adding these foods to your diet 

These three foods not only boost your heart health, they can help prevent liver problems too!
1.      Avos: These are incredibly helpful in your liver health. Not only do they help your body make an essential nutrient that’s a part of the detox process – glutathione – they have the capacity to help your liver repair itself. Sciencedaily.com explains that a study showed that eating just one or two avos every week for a month can repair your damaged liver!
2.      Walnuts: Another heart healthy food you know about! But walnuts are great for your liver too. They contain essential amino acids that help to clean your liver. And they detoxify the liver, which prevents liver problems that cause the organ to produce harmful ammonia. Pharmacologists also frequently use extracts from walnut hulls to put into liver detox supplements.
3.      Turmeric: This heart healthy food helps your liver detox. It’s a powerful nutrient that even helps your liver cells regenerate themselves.
There you have it! Three heart healthy foods that help your liver too. So add them to your diet and get a double punch for your health. 

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Three foods that promote heart health and are also great for your liver!
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