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Three evening practices for better health and digestion

by , 12 September 2017
Three evening practices for better health and digestion
What if I told you that boosting your health and digestion is as easy as getting into the routine of exercising, taking a bath and drinking a cup of chamomile tea every night? Well, it is...

It's time to start adopting these healthy practices to improve your digestion and overall health! Soon enough, you'll alleviate all of your digestive problems and have a humming digestive system.

Three evening practices to improve your health and digestion

#1: Exercise
Sometimes it’s easier to rise early and hit the gym – especially if you’re an insomniac. However, exercising in the evening is a better choice because it calms your mind and body and strengthens your digestive tract, which promotes healthy digestion. Try exercising for 20 to 30 minutes at least three hours before bed. Some great exercises to try include running on the treadmill or cycling outdoors. 


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#2: Bath
A warm bath laced with a few drops of your favourite essential oil is a fantastic way to normalise your system. The experience of warmth followed by the cooling down of your skin is especially soothing on your digestive system. Add a couple drops of essential oil and one cup of sea salt to your bath water and then jump in and soak for as long as you like. The salt will help strengthen the walls of your digestive tract and improvee the absorption of nutrients by starting a cascade of digestive enzymes.
#3: Chamomile tea
A cup of chamomile tea before bed is good for more than inducing sleep – it also helps reduce stomach disterss and settle an upset stomach. As a bonus, the chamomile herb is excellent for easing feelings of depression and anxiety, making it the ultimate remedy for calming your entire body. Steep a tablespoon of chamomile in hot water for 20 minutes and then sweeten with honey and drink up. If you struggle to sleep at night, I recommend drinking it black, as dairy can keep you awake.
As a final note, resetting your health and digestion can take time – so remain patient at all times!

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Three evening practices for better health and digestion
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