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Three early cancer of the prostate symptoms

by , 01 September 2020
Three early cancer of the prostate symptoms
While prostate cancer is a relatively common occurrence among men in general, only a very small percentage of these men develop a clinically significant form of prostate cancer.

In many cases doctors advise men to adopt active surveillance - which means instead of rushing to remove the prostate or fight the cancer, you watch to see whether it's even necessary. 

Early stage cancer is very treatable so it's really important to go for annual check ups - something a lot of men put off for as long until they feel like something isn't right down there.

Know these three early prostate cancer symptoms

Cancer of the prostate symptom #1: Urinary and bladder problems

The earliest prostate cancer symptoms are urinary and bladder problems that usually result in the following:
  • Loss of bladder control;
  • Reduced urinary flow or velocity;
  • Painful or difficult urination;
  • Frequent urination (especially at night); and
  • Blood in the urine (this condition is known as hematuria).
These symptoms usually develop slowly over time. However, if you notice that you’re having difficulty releasing urine all of a sudden, or there’s an uncomfortable build-up of pressure in your bladder or urethra, this could be an early warning sign that a prostate tumour is developing.

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Cancer of the prostate symptom #2: Acute kidney failure

If you’re urinating very little despite drinking enough fluid throughout the day or, even worse, aren’t urinating at all, but are experiencing little to no discomfort, it could be a sign of acute kidney failure.
Cancer of the prostate symptom #3: Deep bone pain

Deep bone pain, especially in your hips, thighs and back, are possible signs of prostate cancer that’s beginning to or has already spread to your bones.
Knowing these signs can help you decide to get a check up and seek medical advice, while feeling reassured that prostate cancer can be fully treatable when caught early.

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Three early cancer of the prostate symptoms
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