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Three crucial dietary tips for optimal heath and digestion

by , 31 July 2017
Three crucial dietary tips for optimal heath and digestion
The foods you eat have a direct impact on your health and digestion. By following a number of key steps to boost your digestive health, your digestive system will function better and, in turn, improve your overall health and sense of well-being!

Here are three top dietary tips for optimal health and digestion - make sure you start incorporating them right away…

Three ways to improve your health and digestion through diet

#1: Fill up on fibre
Eating a diet high in fibre and rich in fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains is key to excellent digestive health. “A high-fibre diet helps to keep food moving through your digestive tract, making you less likely to get constipated,” says Maria Adams, a registered dietitian in Massachusetts in the United States. She adds that a high-fibre diet also helps stave off digestive problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulosis and haemorrhoids.
But here’s the thing – not all fibre is made equal. There are two types, namely soluble and insoluble fibre – and you need to get your fix of both to ensure your digestive system is functioning well. “Soluble fibre draws in water and can help prevent stools that are too watery,” explains Adams. “Insoluble fibre, also known as roughage, can't be digested by the body and therefore helps add bulk to the stools,” she adds. Good sources of soluble fibre include oat brans, legumes, nuts and seeds, while top sources of insoluble fibres include wheat bran, whole grains and vegetables.


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#2: Steer clear of high-fat foods
“In general, fatty foods tend to slow down the digestive process, making you more prone to constipation,” says Adams. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get any fat in your diet, though – Adams recommends pairing fatty foods with high-fibre foods to make them easier to digest.
#3: Opt for lean meats only
Protein is a building block and therefore a crucial part of a healthy diet. That said, fatty cuts of meat can wreak havoc on your digestive system. For this reason, make sure you select lean cuts when you eat meat – think skinless poultry and pork loin.
There you have it – three ways to improve your health and digestion by simply tweaking your diet!

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Three crucial dietary tips for optimal heath and digestion
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