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Three common causes of eye pain and the reason you should see a doctor

by , 20 August 2014

There are so many reasons for eye pain. One of the most obvious is injury to the eye or the socket around the eye. But often you're not too sure why your eyes hurt and ignoring the pain could have serious consequences for your eye health!

The other main cause of eye pain is when there is a foreign particle stuck in the eye. If big enough, or abrasive enough and you eye can't get rid of it, it can cause extreme harm.

So take a look at these three common causes of eye pain below and why you should see your doctor if you suspect these are the reasons your eye is so sore.

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Your eye health might be in danger if one of these is the reason for your eye pain

1.         Particles stuck in the eye. Your eye starts to water when there's something stuck in it. But a short while later, you don't feel anything any more. This because your eye literally washes itself and gets rid of the foreign particles. But sometimes, the particles are too big or they stick to the surface of your eye and continue causing pain and damage. You need to see an eye doctor to remove the particle before an infection starts that has serious implications to your eye health.
2.         Scratch on the eye. If there's a scratch on the surface of the eye it might not lead to serious eye troubles, it's only when the scratch is deep that it needs immediate attention from a doctor. This because it can turn into an ulcer and cause serious problems for your eye health. You'll know that the scratch is deep if your eye pain doesn't go away quickly.
3.         Dry eyes. There are many factors that can cause dry eyes. But when they're constantly sore and you have eye pain with it, you may want to see your doctor. He'll do tests to see what the cause of your dry eyes is.
Don't simply ignore eye pain! It can have serious consequences to your eye health. Rather get your doctor to check your eyes to see if there's anything seriously wrong with them. 

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Three common causes of eye pain and the reason you should see a doctor
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