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This vitamin is for every man worried about his prostate health

by , 21 September 2020
This vitamin is for every man worried about his prostate health
The most common and widely available vitamin is also one of most powerful natural cancer-fighting tools at your disposal.

It helps to regulate cell division, which means a lower chance of errors when it comes to cells replicating themselves.

...And thus a lower chance they become mutant and cancerous.

It also regulates the growth and differentiation of tumour cells.

Study finds men with low levels of this vitamin could be at increased risk of prostate cancer...

The vitamin in this study is vitamin D - and it's freely available when you expose your skin to the sun - without burning.
Men who were severely deficient in vitamin D had a higher Gleason grade and tumor stage in the study. The higher the Gleason grade, the more aggressive the cancer is likely to be.

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Spending 20 minutes in the sun in the morning or afternoon before the day gets too hot is best. You will need to leave the suncream off though in order for your skin to be able to absorb the sun's rays. 
Keep reading to find out how else you can boost your vitamin D levels...

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It’s fascinating how the bladder works. As it fills up, the bladder muscles are relaxed. But when you go to the loo to pee, the muscles contract, and when they do, they pressurise the urine through the urethra and out of your body.

It’s like when you want to empty your plastic water bottle out faster – you squeeze it and the stream coming out of the bottle becomes stronger and more powerful.

But if you suffer from a swelling prostate, chances are your bladder health could also be affected...

You see, as you get older, your bladder muscles become weaker, and your bladder walls become stiffer and more rigid as they lose their elasticity – making urinating more difficult.

Not only this, experts speculate that many men who suffer from a swelling prostate also have an overactive bladder. When the urethra is squeezed by a swollen prostate, the bladder has to work harder to push the urine out. Over time, this can further weaken the bladder.

The result is a common bladder control problem, described as a frequent and intense urge to urinate.

But, when you support your bladder health with the right nutrients, these issues go away… 


Here’s how to boost your levels of this prostate-saving vitamin…

There aren’t many foods containing vitamin D. But manufacturers try to assist by fortifying some products with it.

Some cereals, milk and orange juice have vitamin D added, so look for these by reading the product labels. 

Free range eggs also contain vitamin D, as does oily fish like trout and mushrooms.

You can also take cod liver oil capsules - or vitamin D3 supplements. 

If you take vitamin D supplements, be sure to take a magnesium supplement as well.  

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This vitamin is for every man worried about his prostate health
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