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This ONE vitamin could help protect you if you get infected with the Coronavirus...

by , 25 August 2020
This ONE vitamin could help protect you if you get infected with the Coronavirus...
While vitamin C is essential to boost your immune system, there is one other important vitamin that could help you fight off a Coronavirus infection - and help improve your chances of survival.

Zinc may come to mind - albeit a mineral, not a vitamin... Some research has shown that like vitamin C, zinc could help reduce the flu-like symptoms... It's been shown to prevent the virus from multiplying, which gives your immune system the reprieve it needs to fight off this foreign invader.

But there's one other vitamin that could be as important, if not more - if you're fighting this virus - find out what it is here - and why it's so crucial...

The vitamin that fights an attack on your blood!

Initially, scientists thought the Coronovirus attacked the lungs - causing inflammation, blocking the airways and stifling its victims with pneumonia.

But, with time, they've discovered that the virus doesn't just attack the lungs, it causes blood clots - all over the body - which constrict blood vessels, and can result in strokes. 

So you can see why protecting the vascular system is as important as treating the respiratory symptoms.

And there's one vitamin that's been shown to help prevent blood clots...

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Study shows Coronavirus victims are often deficient in this vitamin

In a major study in the Netherlands, researchers found that patients who died or were admitted to intensive care with COVID-19 are often deficient in vitamin K.

Now, vitamin K plays an important role in the body - it helps it produce proteins that regulate blood clotting.

There are two significant types of vitamin K - K1 and K2. The body has to convert K1, while K2 is more bio-available to the body.

Either way, consuming both types of vitamin K could help you fight off the virus and keep your blood flow more easily through your body. 

Eat more green vegetables, like spinach, Brussels sprouts, broccoli, cabbage and beet greens. Fruit is also a good source, especially blueberries, Kiwi fruit and avocado. As well as hard cheese, egg yolks, chicken and butter.

But, with this viral threat still very real for all of us, you may want to consider taking vitamin K in supplement form to make sure you're getting enough of it (make sure it includes both K1 and K2 if you do).

If you take a supplement, choose one that contains both K1 and K2. Check with your doctor if you're on other medication to rule out interactions. 

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This ONE vitamin could help protect you if you get infected with the Coronavirus...
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