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This is the best exercise for chronic kidney disease patients

by , 12 March 2018
This is the best exercise for chronic kidney disease patients
It's estimated that among people aged 65 through 74 worldwide, one in five men and one in four women will have chronic kidney disease (CKD). In the United States, kidney disease is the ninth leading cause of death and affects 31 million people.

It isn't all doom and gloom though: According to a new study from the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, lifting weights can provide significant health benefits to those suffering from CKD. Read on for the full findings.

Weightlifting shows benefits for chronic kidney disease patients

For the study, CKD patients underwent a six-week control period before starting the exercise programme for the researchers to observe if there were any natural changes in fitness, strength and muscle. Since they didn’t observe any chances, any improvement after going on the exercise programme would be due to the exercise.
The patients then participated in 12 weeks of supervised aerobic exercise (treadmill, cycling and rowing), or combined training (aerobic exercise plus leg extension and leg press exercises) for 30 minutes three times a week over a 12-week period. The researchers then analysed the potential health benefits of the separate exercise programmes.
The researchers found that patients with non-dialysis kidney disease can gain significant increases in strength, leg muscle size and cardiorespiratory fitness by engaging in exercise, including lifting weights, three times a week. 

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Although the researchers saw encouraging changes in patients who only participated in aerobic exercise, the addition of resistance exercise, such as weightlifting, led to greater increases in strength (49% compared to 17%) and muscle mass (9% compared to 5%).
“There’s limited research on the effects of exercise in CKD patients, and a lack of knowledge on what exercise is most beneficial in this group,” said Dr Tom Wilkinson from the University of Leicester’s Department of Infection, Immunity and Inflammation. “Our study shows that both aerobic exercises and strength exercises are important in CKD patients in keeping muscles strong and healthy, and can be combined successfully and safely,” he concluded.

...and coffee is their perfect pre-workout drink!

CKD patients can reap further health benefits by making coffee their pre-workout drink of choice. A recent study of 2,300 Americans with CKD found that those who drank the most caffeinated drinks lowered their risk of dying by 24% when compared to those who consumed the least.
“These results suggest that advising patients with CKD to drink more caffeine may reduce their mortality,” said researcher Dr Miguel Bigotte Vieira. “This would represent a simple, clinically beneficial and inexpensive option,” he added.

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This is the best exercise for chronic kidney disease patients
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