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This fruit juice is essential for men with prostate cancer...

by , 06 May 2019
This fruit juice is essential for men with prostate cancer...
For the last 70 years, doctors have believed that too much testosterone leads to prostate cancer. But emerging science proves that the reverse is actually true.

As you age, your testosterone levels naturally decline. And more and more doctors now believe this hormonal shift is one of the biggest causes of prostate disease.

But it's not just lower levels of testosterone that cause prostate problems for older men. The latest research shows that rising levels of oestrogen are also to blame.

This discovery has led to a new treatment that is safe, effective, and much cheaper than conventional treatments. In fact, it's available in grocery stores.

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The real culprit behind prostate cancer...

Researchers studied the DNA of over 2,500 men with prostate cancer. They found that high oestrogen levels were present in over 50% of cases.

But then they went deeper...

They developed a new technology for reading gene profiles. They studied over 6,000 different types of genes. And they found something brand new...

They discovered that elevated oestrogen isn’t just a common factor in prostate cancer. It actually causes one of the most aggressive forms of prostate cancer.

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Oestrogen can cause genes to splice together. These “fusion genes” can trigger an aggressive form of prostate cancer.

The researchers’ findings were published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.

They conclude that inhibiting oestrogen is a powerful way to fight prostate cancer.

A new clinical study shows that you can lower your oestrogen levels and slow the progression of prostate cancer by adding one simple thing to your diet.

Keep reading to find out what it is...

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Men: This Comprehensive Natural Solution Fortifies Your Bladder Without Side-Effects!

It’s fascinating how the bladder works. As it fills up, the bladder muscles are relaxed. But when you go to the loo to pee, the muscles contract, and when they do, they pressurise the urine through the urethra and out of your body.

It’s like when you want to empty your plastic water bottle out faster – you squeeze it and the stream coming out of the bottle becomes stronger and more powerful.

But if you suffer from a swelling prostate, chances are your bladder health could also be affected...

You see, as you get older, your bladder muscles become weaker, and your bladder walls become stiffer and more rigid as they lose their elasticity – making urinating more difficult.

Not only this, experts speculate that many men who suffer from a swelling prostate also have an overactive bladder. When the urethra is squeezed by a swollen prostate, the bladder has to work harder to push the urine out. Over time, this can further weaken the bladder.

The result is a common bladder control problem, described as a frequent and intense urge to urinate.

But, when you support your bladder health with the right nutrients, these issues go away… 


This delicious ruby juice is essential for men with prostate cancer

Dr Allan Pantuck's recent studies involved following 50 men for five years. Before enrolling in the study, every man had been treated for prostate cancer. The treatments included surgery or radiation.

In all cases, the treatment had failed. The men’s cancers were back. And
growing fast. Each man’s PSA levels were rising quickly.

Dr Pantuck gave each man eight 235ml of pomegranate juice each day.

He provided no other treatment.

Within weeks the juice was stabilising their PSA levels and slowing doubling times. Doubling time is critical in prostate cancer. It’s the time it takes for the PSA level to double in value. Patients with short doubling times are much more likely to die from the disease.

The pomegranate juice made a big difference. Dr Pantuck and his team recorded a four-fold increase in doubling times. Instead of taking 15 months to double… it jumped to 54 months for 82% of the men in the study.

“That’s a big increase,” said Dr Pantuck. “We can give (older men) pomegranate juice and they may outlive their risk of dying from cancer. We’re hoping we may be able to prevent the need for other therapies which bring with them harmful side effects.”

If you have been diagnosed with prostate cancer and have elevated oestrogen levels, pomegranate juice is one grocery store item you don't want leave off your list.

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This fruit juice is essential for men with prostate cancer...
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