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These twelve key lifestyle changes will reduce your multiple sclerosis symptoms in no time

by , 19 October 2016
These twelve key lifestyle changes will reduce your multiple sclerosis symptoms in no time
Blurred or double vision, loss of balance, thinking problems, weakness in an arm or a leg… if you suffer from multiple sclerosis, you know how the severity of your symptoms can vary from day to day.

But did you know that there are a number of key lifestyle changes you can make to make your symptoms virtually disappear?

Read on for twelve changes you as a multiple sclerosis sufferer can make right now to take back your health!

Twelve tips to reduce your multiple sclerosis symptoms

#1: Take a vitamin D supplement
Studies show clusters of multiple sclerosis sufferers in areas around the world that lack consistent sunlight. For optimal vitamin D levels, you should aim to spend at least 20 minutes out in the sun each morning. Alternatively, you can take a quality vitamin D3 supplement that also contains vitamin K2 to ensure its efficacy.
#2: Choose organic foods
You should opt for organic fruit, vegetables and meats only. You should also stay away from genetically modified organisms AKA GMOs. Over 50 countries around the world can’t be wrong about banning GMO foods!
#3: Eat lots of salmon
Salmon is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids and proteins. One serving per week will go a long way toward reducing your multiple sclerosis symptoms by providing your body with a dose of healthy fats that reduce inflammation.
#4: Identify food sensitivities
It’s very important to get tested for food sensitivities and allergies. They can make your multiple sclerosis symptoms worse due to the widespread inflammation reaction they cause throughout your body.
#5: Get tested for heavy metals
Most multiple sclerosis patients are very low in essential vitamins… and heavy metal toxicity can mimic many symptoms of the autoimmune disease. You need to find out where your body stands in terms of these issues by having a blood test done.

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#6: Eat your vegetables
I’m not even kidding! Leafy green vegetables like kale, spinach, cabbage and broccoli offer multiple sclerosis sufferers an abundance of phytonutrients that can benefit their health.
#7: Start a massage protocol
Massaging your body helps stimulate blood circulate and your lymphatic system. It can even increase your joint flexibility and help prevent muscle spasms!
#8: Stop drinking soft drinks
Fizzy drinks are bad for many aspects of your health – from your blood sugar levels to your liver. They’re especially bad for people with multiple sclerosis who have an already weakened immune system. In your body, the carbonation acts as a waste product that needs to be detoxified. Avoid these drinks and give your body a chance to heal by not loading it down with “waste” products.
#9: Exercise regularly
Exercising – whether you walk, run, swim or do yoga – provides the most benefits to keep your core and muscles strong enough to support you.
#10: Don’t drink bottled water
Sure, it’s convenient, but bottled water is unhealthy and acidic. You never truly know how long a plastic bottle has been sitting in heat or the sun. Both of these factors can cause cancer- and autoimmune disease-causing chemicals known as BPAs to leach from the plastic.
#11: Say no to MSG
MSG is popping up in all kinds of foods, including breads, cereals, canned foods and, of course, processed foods. It’s bad for you simply because it wasn’t made for human consumption – it’s toxic and can cause your multiple sclerosis symptoms to flare up.
#12: Go gluten free
If you’re sensitive to foods that contain gluten, it will cause widespread inflammation in your body. In this case, you should consider limiting your gluten consumption or, better yet, going completely gluten free.
Do you have any additional tips on how to keep your multiple sclerosis symptoms at bay?

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These twelve key lifestyle changes will reduce your multiple sclerosis symptoms in no time
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