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These three vitamin supplements offer major perks for your skin

by , 12 December 2017
These three vitamin supplements offer major perks for your skin
There's a body of research that suggests that some vitamin supplements offer skin-saving benefits. Among these supplements are vitamins A, C and E.

All three of these vitamins are antioxidants. They've shown to prevent or delay some types of skin cell damage. The question is: Should you taking these vitamin supplements to help stave off the signs of ageing? The short answer is no - here's why.

You can get your fix of vitamins A, C and E from a well-balanced diet

Unless you’re deficient in these vitamins, you don’t need to take supplements. Too much isn’t always a good thing – in fact, research shows that excessive amounts of vitamins A and E, particularly from supplements, might be dangerous.
You can get a healthy dose of these vitamins from a well-balanced diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables, fish, nuts and dairy products. Some solid research has found that you can even apply these vitamins topically to reap their anti-ageing benefits. It’s no wonder these vitamins are found in so many skincare products!
However, if you are deficient in some of these vitamins, you should consider taking a daily multivitamin supplement, which you can buy online or at your local pharmacy. As always, check with your doctor before adding supplements to your regimen, as some of them can have unwanted medication interactions or side effects.

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What about collagen supplements for youthful-looking skin?

You’re probably also curious about collagen supplements, which are often touted to help restore the structure of the skin and reduce the depth of wrinkles. While research on the safety and efficacy of collagen supplements is still in its early stages, some studies look promising.
One thing we do know for sure is that it’s fine to consume collagen-rich foods like bone broth. To learn more about why bone broth is one of the most healing diet staples, go here.

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These three vitamin supplements offer major perks for your skin
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