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These four drinks will complement and enhance your adrenal recovery plan

by , 29 March 2017
These four drinks will complement and enhance your adrenal recovery plan
Your doctor has punted the fact that stimulants like alcohol and caffeine are wreaking havoc on your adrenal health. But has he told you what you should be drinking instead to help heal your adrenal glands the natural way?

Let's take a look at some of the best drink choices you can make for your adrenals. Time to get sipping!

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Four drinks that will help your adrenals heal naturally

#1: Water
Of course good old water is at the top of the list! But the truth is that most of us don’t drink as much water as we should each day. Consume a reasonable amount of H2O every day – around eight tall glasses – to help bring your adrenals back to good health. You may find that keeping a water bottle in your car and at your desk will encourage you to glug down more water throughout the day.
#2: Vegetable juice
Not only are vegetable juices remarkably nutritious, they also aid your body in many different ways. Plus, they’re tasty and super-easy to make! All you need is a few minutes for preparation and a juicer on hand. I find that a hearty green juice is the best for soothing inflamed adrenals, not to mention a great way to kick-start your morning!

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#3: Fruit juice
Fruit juice packs loads of vitamins and other nutrients, which are great for your adrenal health. It unfortunately isn’t suitable for diabetics, however, as the extremely high sugar content can play havoc on blood sugar levels. Even if you aren’t diabetic, I recommend consuming this beverage in moderation to avoid sugar spikes.

#4: Green tea
Any tea is in fact beneficial for weakened adrenals, but green tea in specific is great. It contains an incredible array of nutrients and antioxidants that are beneficial to your adrenal and overall health. What’s more, it can be consumed at any temperature – piping hot, chilled, or iced. You can even incorporate it into a smoothie recipe!

Are there any other adrenal-healing drinks you would add to this list?

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These four drinks will complement and enhance your adrenal recovery plan
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