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These are the best times to take omega-3 fish oil supplements...

by , 25 July 2017
These are the best times to take omega-3 fish oil supplements...
Omega-3 fish oil is abundant in omega-3 fatty acids, which are necessary for normal growth and development, brain function, heart health and more...

Most adults take omega-3 fish oil supplements for the many heart health benefits they provide, such as reduced cholesterol, blood pressure, triglyceride levels and risk of stroke and heart attack. Some adults also take omega-3 fish oil to treat rheumatoid arthritis.

Generally, you can take omega-3 fish oil supplements at any time. However, in some cases, the time you take it does matter. These are the best times to take omega-3 fish oil supplements...

The best times to take omega-3 fish oil supplements
After freezing
If you don’t like the strong odour of omega-3 fish oil supplements, store the capsules in your freezer and take them out when it’s your scheduled time to take the supplement. Freezing the omega-3 fish oil capsules will also make sure the capsules slowly dissolve in your stomach, which will make the unpleasant side effects a lot less noticeable. Just make sure the label of the particular supplement you’re using stipulates that you can freeze the product.


This group of nutrients is not only the answer to boosting your mood... Preventing Alzheimer's and dementia... It's also 8 TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE than an Anti-Depressant!...

Nature’s secret to optimum mental health... 
  • Protects you from depression and other mood disorders including schizophrenia. 
  • Improves memory and learning. (In fact, studies show kids who take Omega 3 supplements do better at school, score higher in tests and have fewer behavioural issues than those who don’t.)
  • Fights age-related memory loss and senior moments synonymous with dementia and Alzheimer’s. 
  • And protects against stress-related job burnout. 

And it’s all thanks to the “Omega 3 Effect”

Before meals
Among the worst – yet most common – side effects of taking omega-3 fish oil supplements are burps and belches. To decrease these embarrassing side effects, take the omega-3 fish oil supplement right before eating meals. This will help decrease any stomach upset you may feel from taking the supplement.
After a doctor’s visit
Although you can buy omega-3 fish oil supplements over the counter nowadays, you shouldn’t take the supplement until you’ve discussed the potential side effects with your doctor. Remember – omega-3 fish oil is a natural blood thinner and therefore may affect clotting times in your body. Furthermore, too much omega-3 fish oil can heighten your risk of skin bruising and internal bleeding. If you have irregular heart rhythms or severe heart disease, you should avoid taking omega-3 fish oil supplements.
There you have it – the best times to take omega-3 fish oil supplements.

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These are the best times to take omega-3 fish oil supplements...
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