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There's an easy fix for the constant ringing in your ears - and it lies in this one common mineral

by , 10 November 2014

One in five people suffer from tinnitus at some point in their lives. And while it's not something that greatly affects your overall health, it's still a debilitating condition.

Not only is there a constant noise like whistling, swishing or buzzing you have no other option but to listen to, it affects your ability to hear other sounds too.

And as common as it is, not many people know why it develops…

While it's usually age-related, especially when you've had exposure to loud noises frequently throughout your life, it can also be because of physical trauma to the ear or because of blood flow problems like heart disease or poor circulation.

But whatever the cause, it's can be quite a simple fix. And all you need to do is make sure you get enough of THIS mineral in your diet…

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Low levels of zinc could be the reason you have tinnitus

Turkish researchers recruited 41 tinnitus sufferers into a study and gave half of them a 50mg zinc supplements and the other half a placebo for two months.
Those who took zinc had a vast improvement in their ability to hear. 46% of them had overall improvement, while 82% said their symptoms weren’t as bad as they were before.
Another study measured the levels of zinc in 72 patients with tinnitus. They found that the lower the levels of zinc a patient had, the worse their tinnitus symptoms were.
When they gave the patients zinc for their deficiency, their tinnitus symptoms improved too.
The Institute for Natural Healing says zinc isn’t only essential for preventing and treating tinnitus. It’s an important part of overall health.
So, to keep your health in check, get zinc from your diet.
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Eat these five foods to increase your zinc levels, improve your overall health and prevent tinnitus

Here are five common foods that contain zinc:
1.    Beef
2.    Chicken
3.    Yoghurt
4.    Dark chocolate
5.    Pumpkin seeds
Be sure to eat enough of these zinc-rich foods to keep your ears healthy and your overall health in shape too. 

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There's an easy fix for the constant ringing in your ears - and it lies in this one common mineral
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