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The ultimate guide to essential oils for relieving cold and flu

by , 24 April 2018
The ultimate guide to essential oils for relieving cold and flu
When it comes to cold and flu, it's safe to say that the best-ever cure is prevention. That being said, it's never a bad idea to be prepared with a handful of effective all-natural remedies at all times. After all, you never know when sickness is going to strike you!

Below are my four favourite essential oils to use to fight off infection during the cold winter months. They're simply amazing at preventing the spread of airborne bacteria and viruses, and can be all that you need for a healthy, flu-free winter ahead!

Three natural remedies for cold and flu

#1: Tea tree oil
You’re probably already familiar with tea tree oil. You may even know that it’s a powerful disinfectant, which is why many people use it as a natural cleaner for things such as yoga mats. Many beauty companies also use tea tree oil in their products because of its natural antibacterial properties, which is healthy for the skin.
The fragrance of tea tree oil is wonderfully fresh and cleansing, so it’s great for treating cold and flu, too. You should always dilute the oil with a carrier oil before applying it to your skin, and be sure to never ingest it. Some of the best places to apply tea tree oil on your body is on your throat, the back of your neck, and the bottom of your feet.


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And this all in just two tablespoons of the oil a day.

#2: Clove essential oil
Healers in China and India have been using clove essential oil since ancient times due to its brilliant immune-boosting properties. Clove is a very strong oil, so you should dilute one part clove to four parts carrier oil to apply it topically or ingest it. 
You can apply one drop to the back of your tongue to relieve a scratchy throat or a tickling cough that lingers at the end of a cold, or diffuse it for antiviral properties. 
#3: Pine essential oil
Pine essential oil is distilled directly from the needles of the pine tree. The Hippocrates were the first to use it for its fantastic respiratory system benefits. This oil is also well-known for its ability to relieve sinus, throat and lung infections.
If you want to relieve nasal or chest congestion, simply mix two drops of pine essential oil with three drops of lemon and three drop of eucalyptus and diffuse. You should also dilute pine essential oil with a carrier oil before applying it directly to your skin.
Wishing you good health this winter!

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The ultimate guide to essential oils for relieving cold and flu
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